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Business Model and Working Process

After the development of digital business models, the online P2P automobile rental sector arose in the twenty-first century. A single business model, on the other hand, was not appropriate for everybody. Turo had to make various adjustments and put up a functional model that not only simplified vehicle rental operations but also aided with payment management in order to make existing digital business models appropriate for P2P car rental operations. Turo allows car owners to list their vehicles and include details such as the vehicle's brand, model, colour, and gearbox. Customers may go through these vehicles and hire the one that best suits their needs. Turo lets you rent a car for a few days or a few weeks. It's a terrific method for automobile owners to generate money if their vehicle is idle.
P2P vehicle-rental services generate money largely by charging a small fee on each car rental booking, which varies per platform. Turo charges a 25% rental commission on every transaction, which implies Turo keeps a quarter of the rental money paid in the transaction. Turo charges its clients more for additional kilometres in addition to a rental commission. Host costs, such as order cancellation charges, damage claim filing charges (only applicable if the host does not provide pre and post trip car condition images), maintenance policy violation penalties, vehicle misrepresentation charges, and more, add to Turo's income generation strategy.
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An Integrated Peer-to-Peer Car rental solution for user insights and other Necessities
Login, registration, and personal profile
Filters to find certain autos in a specified place
Calculation of the fare is based on the booking schedule calendar.
Methods of Payment for Delivery
Ratings and reviews
Creating a profile, logging in, and registering are all steps in the registration process.
Include photographs and a description of the car.
Organize several rental automobiles
Determine the availability of vehicles.
Organize taxi prices.
Methods of receiving payment
Management of feedbacks.
Management profiles, including automobile owners and tenants;
Management of the car list: accept or reject.
Organize reservation times.
Country, state, region, area, and city management.
Management of payment transactions.
Manage the marketing of your app through blogs, comments, reviews, and ratings.
Manage ad campaigns and subscription plans.
Produce analytic reports.

P2P Car Rental Solution

Now let’s decompose three mentioned examples of successful companies and make a list of must-have functionalities that unite all of them. When any company thinks about how to make a food ordering app it is the first obvious thing to consider.
Premium Features for you Peer-To-Peer Car rental App

Basic Features

User Management: On a P2P automobile rental marketplace, capabilities like the ability to monitor all user profiles, booking history, and all completed and failed payments are critical.
Rental Security Management: This module includes capabilities for collecting rental security and deducting refunds for any automobile damage charges. View and manage existing and new orders, track booking status, view rental term, customer information, and automobile owner information.
Booking Calendar: A user interface-based function that assists consumers in choosing rental dates. Invoicing and verifying vehicle availability are also made easier with the use of a booking calendar.
Customers need to be able to identify automobiles in their immediate vicinity, therefore location-based search is critical. This shortens the time it takes to make a selection and makes the leasing process easier.
Customers and automobile owners can communicate using Chat Messenger to resolve any pre-booking questions.
User App

Automated Rentals

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Insurance Coverage

Vehicle and driver is covered with the insurance for accidental or natural damage.

Easy and Quick

Login can be accessed with the help of just an email ID.

Ride History

Your account includes a rides history of every trip.

Transaction History

Your account includes a transaction history of every payment credited and debited


It includes the total earnings on different parameters such as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.


Getting reviewed by the riders and including your car fitness details.

Notifications Alert

User can get alert via push notifications.

Car Pickup Location

Admin can securely login to admin panel from any web browser.

Data-Driven Operations

Making strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.

Manage Categories

Admin can add types of cars and fleet information and can add and update the fleet.

Manage Users

Admin can view all the registered customers and message them.

Admin Dashboard

Admin gets summary on active drivers, ride completed, customers etc.

Reporting and Analytics

Admin can catalyze actions and can make improved decisions on basis of statistics.

Automated Rentals

It helps in the verification of the rider and user with automated rent collection depending on the duration.

Online Support and Chat

User can chat and ask for help if required anytime.

Vehicle Agnostic

Providing wide range of Vehicles which is available in reality.

Notifications Alert

User can get alert via push notifications.

Station-Based Car Sharing

The rent is terminated only after the car is returned to an established rental station.

Real-time Billing

Real-time billing systems enable enriched, custom offerings based on a customer’s changing data.

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Advanced Features

  • Custom Information Fields: Car owners are required to provide the most relevant information about their vehicles, which must be collected and displayed. These fields can be changed, added to, or taken away at any moment. 'Pet-friendly,' 'non-smoking,"snow tyres,' and so on are some instances of these fields.
    Customers may compare numerous rental cars depending on brand, model, fuel type, engine, seating capacity, trunk space, and even admin-created custom data.
  • Product Inspection: Any damages already existing on the vehicle at the time of pickup/delivery must be reported to the admin and the car owner.
  • Document Verification: Collecting and verifying crucial papers such as the customer's driver's licence, immunisation certificates, and other such items.
    Individual automobile owner terms and conditions are sanctioned and managed through agreement management.
  • Rental Add-ons: To sell extras like vehicle washes, body covers, kid seats, chauffeurs, insurance, and additional mileage. Late Cancellation/Return Charges: To recoup any financial damages incurred by the client as a result of late cancellation or late return.
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The First Licensed Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Sharing Community in Saudi Arabia
Now lets decompose three mentioned examples of successful companies and make a list of must-have functionalities that unite all of them. When an company thinks about how to make a car rental application, these are the some important features to be considered.

Everything Under One Roof

From Idea to Implementation to Launch

At Tecorb we analyze your solution requirements closely and then we offer you a comprehensive and customized on demand taxi app development solution.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis​

We collaborate with you to determine your expectations, functional and technical requirements. 

Push Notifications Integration

We integrate push notifications to keep your app's users engaged and informed about the services it offers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept credit card, debit card, and e-check payments with a secure online payment gateway solution and integration.

Reporting & Analytics Integration

Integration of advanced reporting and analytics to gain deeper insights, make faster decisions, and take action.

Server Setup & Backup

You'll enjoy streamlined restoration as well as seamless backup and recovery to a local disc or the cloud.

Deployment & Maintenance

Services for deployment and maintenance tailored to your production environment, as well as future assistance with any in-house transition.

We Provide 24x7 Support and Maintenance
Support and maintenance with System monitoring for evaluating the end-user experience and component-level performance.
Working on Points like Bugs Resolving, Any changes or Extra points, Server monitoring, Analytics monitoring, User feedback monitoring, Security reviews, Third party integration update reviews
Performance monitoring, Source code repository & versioning, Upgrade Services, Refactoring deprecated code ( If required )Correct errors, Improve the web interfaces and interactions, Data model migrations between update

Our Clients have hired dedicated teams (Consist of Front-end, Back-end, Mobile Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Testers, DevOps, Business Analyst, Project Managers, etc) 

At TecOrb, we understand that our role doesn’t simply end at designing and developing an advanced Peer To Peer Delivery App solution. That’s why we work stringently on support and integration for peak performance.
Our Presence is Global
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We have worked on Process like : Marketplace Payment systems, Mobile SDKs with Secure connections, Payment gateway Policies, Mobile custom interface, Multi-currency payouts, Clean canvas, 3D Secure, Embeddable checkout, Authorization, Custom UI toolkit, Dispute handling, Open-source plugin, Consolidated reports, Accounting integrations, Unified payout, Financial reporting, Roles and permissions, etc

We have worked with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payfort, Hyperpay, Paytabs, Mobile Money, CCAvenue, Square, Authorize.net, Omise, DBS PayLah!, Hoolah, Cashfree, etc
You can attain multilingualism in a variety of ways. Of course, it all starts with a translation project, which, depending on the content of your software, might take a long time. Localization is one of the alternatives available once you've taken care of this. The software can recognise the user's device's native language and display it automatically thanks to this technology.

Estimations & Planning For  Business Decisions

Realise the full potential of your product with a Design Audit
We are always excited to chat!

    Estimations & Planning For  Business Decisions

    Realise the full potential of your product with a Design Audit
    We are always excited to chat!

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