Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Quality assurance is in charge of ensuring that the software meets all of the required specifications and standards. This entails putting the software through its paces to ensure it functions properly and identifying any faults or problems.
The main purpose of quality assurance is to ensure that the software meets the set standards and requirements. This safeguards the interests of the consumer while also minimising costly errors and rework.

Software quality assurance includes components such as testing, inspection, and audit. The process of verifying that software performs as planned is known as testing. Inspection is the process of checking code for compliance with standards and best practises. An audit is a technique for analysing if software meets the needs of the company.
Tecorb helps you deliver quality software and to provide your end customers with the best experience. We are high achievers who make sure your product works perfectly and improves your customers’ life.
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Quality Control & Quality Management

We help define quality goals, then we thoroughly examine each of them and define a set of steps to take in order to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets its performance requirements. Quality in our delivery paradigm stands for “a solution which perfectly fits the client’s business objectives”.

Manual Testing

During manual testing, our quality assurance team checks the performance of your product on various devices, as well as analyzes its user interface and usability. Manual testing helps to identify vulnerabilities that can’t be detected automatically and provides personal feedback about the look and feel of your product.

Manual Testing benefits for your project

Allows you to detect issues around usability or user interface (which can’t be identified by automated tests).
Enable actionable testing outcomes for every newly developed still unstable software
Add a human touch to the testing process and help you to understand the overall user experience on an emotional level.
Help with finding bottlenecks during the initial development stage.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a long-term investment in the success of your product. It covers all possible scenarios of software functionality and then checks its performance on multiple platforms in parallel. By combining both manual and automated testing, you accelerate your time to market and satisfy your customers with a flawless product.

Automated Testing benefits for your project

Perfectly performs repetitive and time-consuming tasks while saving you time and resources.
Eliminates human error and makes the software testing process easier and more reliable.
Helps engineers run the tests anytime and anywhere, and easily log test results.

Quality management across various domains

Leveraging our expertise in different industries, we have established robust testing mechanisms and practices geared to your specific business goals. It doesn’t matter what domain you work in, we’ll ensure that your customers get the best solution for their needs.
Quality management
Benefits of our Quality control and management with Tecorb
Tecorb is about the impeccable customer experience. That is why we put a paramount focus on the quality of software we deliver to our clients.

20 years of Quality Management Experience

Software quality assurance, software quality control, testing and reliable solutions your business can rely on.

In-house Quality Management standards

Established procedures, guidelines, and documentation conforming to the best industry practices and standards.

Automation and Agility

Flawless agile delivery from a UX audit to a performance evaluation, from security and compliance tests to code review, testers, and DevOps.

Quality Assurance solutions

Avenga provides full-spectrum quality assurance and testing solutions for desktop, web, and mobile applications. We ensure your end-users enjoy a seamless experience.


Our desktop engineers thoroughly test the entire architecture of your software, examine its functionality, check on its performance under different load conditions, and perform hardware compatibility testing.

Main types of desktop software testing we provide

Functionality testing
Backend testing
Compatibility testing
Load testing
GUI feature testing
Memory leaks testing


From SaaS to cloud-based solutions, we provide testing services for different types of web applications. During web quality assurance and testing, we detect such issues as security breaches, traffic stress, integration problems, and compatibility, and help you roll out a competitive and high-quality app.

Main web testing techniques we use

Functionality testing
Usability testing
Security testing
Compatibility testing
Interface testing
Performance testing


Your mobile app should work perfectly on all devices and platforms, and provide a user-centered experience. During mobile testing, we ensure that the quality, usability, and security of your mobile app is at the highest level possible.

Main mobile testing types we offer

Functionality testing
Usability testing
Compatibility testing
Performance and load testing
Security testing
Installation testing
Localization testing
Mobile device testing

Our Quality Assurance offerings and services

We offer different types of automated and manual testing to provide you with outstanding results. After analyzing the specifics of your product, we come up with the solution that suits your needs best.
Automated Testing
Automated testing covers almost every type of testing for the best user experience:
Web/Mobile/App Functional/UI Testing along with data verification displayed on the front -end.
Mobile functional and UI Testing. We automate web-based, hybrid or native iOS or Android applications.
Desktop Testing to strengthen the connection between software development teams and the end-users.
Performance Testing to ensure that your system meets the performance criteria.
Database Testing for faster data verification or multi-thread automation development for massive amounts of data.
Manual Testing
Usability Testing based on ISO standards to check out how user-friendly your software system is.
Security Application Testing that includes Mobile Security Testing, Web Security Testing, and API Security Testing.
Compliance Testing that comprises both industry compliance and process evaluation testing.
Database Testing to verify data migration and quality.
Quality Assurance Technology
We use leading technology to provide you with better-than-expected results. Depending on your project, we will choose the tech stack that will best do its job.
Automation Tools
Manual Tools
Manual tools
Quality Assurance and Testing Stages
Our main goal is to achieve uncompromised product quality. That’s why our testing process includes the following stages:

Quality and UX audit

During this stage, our experts analyze the user interface of your product and come up with ideas for how to make your user experience smoother and more pleasant.

Performance Evaluation

We analyze the performance of your application in different environments, as well as check on its scalability and stability under different user loads.

Security and Compliance tests

We find and fix threats and vulnerabilities in your system to eliminate all possible security risks.

Code Reviews

During this stage, we analyze the quality and consistency of your code and provide recommendations on what should be changed or improved.

Software Validation

Validation testing takes place at the end of the development process to ensure that the end product meets all the requirements and performs all the necessary functions.

Software Maintenance

When your product is deployed, you need to keep its performance at a high level. During the software maintenance stage, we test all the changes in your product to sustain its quality and capacity for stable work.
Software Testing Flow
Software testing
Goals-Driven Automation Framework
Smarter automation, higher production, and improved digital quality assurance for the sake of business and not for the sake of testing. We pick the automation framework for your project based on its business goals.
Certified expertise
Skilled QA engineers with certified expertise and a profound knowledge of the latest technologies and tools. We aim to be perfectionists in our craft - this is what we stand for.
Automated testing processes
We provide automated testing as a service to speed up your time to market and help you release the product your customers will most appreciate.
Continuous integration
Continuous Integration reduces your company’s expenses for manual labor and helps you release error-free software.
Metrics collection
During the software testing process, we gather data using various metrics to track the progress of testing and report on product quality in every phase of the testing.
We Provide 24x7 Support and Maintenance
Support and maintenance with System monitoring for evaluating the end-user experience and component-level performance.
Working on Points like Bugs Resolving, Any changes or Extra points, Server monitoring, Analytics monitoring, User feedback monitoring, Security reviews, Third party integration update reviews
Performance monitoring, Source code repository & versioning, Upgrade Services, Refactoring deprecated code ( If required )Correct errors, Improve the web interfaces and interactions, Data model migrations between update

Our Clients have hired dedicated teams (Consist of Front-end, Back-end, Mobile Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Testers, DevOps, Business Analyst, Project Managers, etc) 

At TecOrb, we understand that our role doesn’t simply end at designing and developing an advanced quality assurance testing solution. That’s why we work stringently on support and integration for peak performance.
Our Presence is Global
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We have worked on Process like : Marketplace Payment systems, Mobile SDKs with Secure connections, Payment gateway Policies, Mobile custom interface, Multi-currency payouts, Clean canvas, 3D Secure, Embeddable checkout, Authorization, Custom UI toolkit, Dispute handling, Open-source plugin, Consolidated reports, Accounting integrations, Unified payout, Financial reporting, Roles and permissions, etc

We have worked with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payfort, Hyperpay, Paytabs, Mobile Money, CCAvenue, Square, Authorize.net, Omise, DBS PayLah!, Hoolah, Cashfree, etc
You can attain multilingualism in a variety of ways. Of course, it all starts with a translation project, which, depending on the content of your software, might take a long time. Localization is one of the alternatives available once you've taken care of this. The software can recognise the user's device's native language and display it automatically thanks to this technology.

Estimations & Planning For  Business Decisions

Realise the full potential of your product with a Design Audit
We are always excited to chat!

    Estimations & Planning For  Business Decisions

    Realise the full potential of your product with a Design Audit
    We are always excited to chat!

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