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Transform your retail fuel business online with our fuel delivery dispatch software.
Fuel Delivery App Booking Process
The user enters their credentials into the system. It gives u access to the available gasoline bookings on the list.
Customers may use real-time tracking options to track and manage their gasoline orders.
Upbeat allows consumers to keep track of their orders. Customers can evaluate and review the services after the order is completed.
After the order is completed, the delivery service providers locate the consumer and arrange the delivery.
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Our Solution Expertise

An Integrated On-Demand fuel delivery app solution forged by user insights and necessities. It helps to bring your offline fuel delivery business online and acts as a medium to connect users with fuel delivery service providers.

Customer App

Customers can input their postcode & choose the gas stations of their choice.
Make fuel delivery requests by entering details such as fuel type ((Diesel, Petrol, and Engine Oil), quantity, 

Transporter App

A fully customized, easy-to-use app with rich AI that gives your drivers the ability to earn through various mediums like referrals, surge prices, hourly wages, Etc.

Merchant App

An automated fuel payment and management solution that provides remote fueling.
It enables the management of gas station information, menu & services, functioning hours, orders, ratings and reviews, customer details, etc.

Admin Panel

A fully customized app that enables you to control your entire dispatch system through our easily accessible and robust admin panel and take Informed decisions.

Features for a Scalable Fuel Delivery Application

We are a leading Fuel Delivery App Development Company that creates unique features for fuel delivery app solutions for smooth and hassle-free delivery of fuel to their intended destinations. An on-demand fuel delivery app comprises integrated features for customers, merchants, transporter, and admin panels. For successful fuel delivery businesses, there are must-have functionalities that should be considered for better profit margins and revenues. 
Registration/Login. Users should be able to swiftly complete a basic registration procedure and gain access to their accounts.
Order for gas delivery. Buyers should be able to order the gasoline kind and quantity they require, as well as track their position and schedule delivery.
Receipts. Customers should be able to see electronic receipts and invoices verifying that they have paid for gas delivery services.
History. Clients will be able to trace their prior invoices and requests using order history.
Testimonials. Customers will be able to share their thoughts and opinions with other app users via this feature.
Support and assistance are provided. Clients should be able to seek help and support if they need it.
Profile of the user. A user profile should include basic information such as the user's name, address, and payment options.
Price. Customers should be able to see the final pricing and confirm it before their order is processed
Orders are being tracked. This function allows users to monitor the status of their orders in real time. The user should be able to see information such as the fuel carrier's current position and other order-related facts.
Alerts. Clients should be notified of crucial corporate news, pricing adjustments, and other vital information.
Invite your pals. If someone loves using the app, they should be able to suggest it to others and ask them to download it.

Driver Application

Registration/Login. The driver should be able to rapidly register and begin using the app if the login/signup process is simple.
Status. Drivers should indicate their current status, such as whether or not they are available to deliver orders.
Information about the customer. Customers' information, their names, and location data should all be visible to drivers.
Digital signatures are electronic signatures. The driver should be able to receive digital signatures from clients and produce receipts using the app interface.
Assistance and assistance. When drivers want assistance, they should be able to call support personnel.
Profile. Basic information and contact information should be included in the driver's profile. Drivers should be able to edit their profiles and add or change personal information with ease.
Customer requests are being viewed. This functionality should allow the driver to see and approve or reject active requests in real time.
Navigation. Drivers should be able to locate their destination with ease.
Dashboards.The driver will be able to see information about all of the previous accomplished fuel delivery requests on dashboards.
Admin Panel(Web Based)
Login. Administrators should be able to access the admin panel via a secure online interface.
Tankers. When appropriate, the admin interface should allow the administrator to add gas tankers to the fleet.
Customers.Admins should be able to view and manage enrolled customers using the admin panel.
Payment. After the order has been delivered, admins should be allowed to receive payments from clients.
Alerts. This functionality will provide real-time notifications to the administrator about new orders or driver registrations.
Dashboard. Admins should be able to see data on many elements of the business.
Drivers. Admins should have access to business drivers and be able to control them.
Pricing. This feature will allow the administrator to examine and alter the cost of various fuel kinds.
Order history is available. With this functionality, the admin should be able to see the history of previous orders.
fuel delivery dispatch software
Fuel Delivery App Features for fast, reliable, and user-friendly services
An on-demand fuel delivery app comprises integrated features for customers, merchants, and transporter. For successful fuel delivery businesses, there are must-have functionalities that should be considered for better profit margins and revenues.






Important features in fuel delivery applications for business growth

We are a top fuel delivery app development company in USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Germany, and Singapore providing advanced features and cutting-edge technologies that offer hassle-free, and smooth fuel ordering and delivery experiences to all your users.
IoT integration employing Smart Locks on Vehicles and Vending Machines using GPS and Google Maps for navigation. Keep track of key metrics.
Comparison of costs. People should be able to weigh the pros and downsides of various suppliers and make well-informed judgments.
Details about the place should be shared. Customers will be able to automatically share their location data with drivers without having to speak to them.
Integrations with payment systems. Buyers will be able to submit various payment kinds thanks to integrations with a variety of payment systems.
Set the position of the vehicle. Owners and their automobiles are frequently separated, thus having the ability to mark the place where their car is parked on a map and have automotive fuel delivered there will be well appreciated.
Schedule for delivery. Allowing customers to arrange gasoline deliveries at their leisure will undoubtedly improve the user experience.
Sign up for social media. Make social media sign-up one of the registration and login choices.

Easy On - Boarding

Customer can easily get started with the app by login with phone or email option.

Quick Ordering

Customer can set their vehicle location, choose the fuel type and request for delivery.

Scheduled Delivery

Option for schedule a doorstep fuel delivery for later as per convenience.

Upfront Pricing

Customer will get an approximate cost before confirming the order.

Real - Time Tracking

Keep your consumers updated on the exact location of the Transporter.

Seamless Payment

Multiple payment options available for online payment.

Order History

Customers can view and manage all their fuel refill requests from a dedicated section.

Rating & Review

Customer can rate and write review for their ordering and delivering experience.

Digital Receipts

Get detailed delivery invoices for fuel cost, delivery charges, taxes, etc.


Each user gets a unique referral code to share with others and earn rewards.

Manage Profile

Dedicated section for users to manage their profile details with ease.

Help Support

Online support and chat with FAQs list to resolve customer queries.
fuel delivery dispatch software
fuel delivery app development company

Your reliable partner from Idea, Implementation to Launch.

At Tecorb we analyze your requirements closely and then we offer you comprehensive and customized on-demand food delivery app development solutions. We are a leading fuel delivery app development company in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Germany having much experience to create interactive, easy-to-manage apps with the latest technologies.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

We collaborate with you to determine your expectations, functional and technical requirements.

Push Notifications Integration

We integrate push notifications to keep your app’s users engaged and informed about the services it offers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept credit card, debit card, and e-check payments with a secure online payment gateway solution and integration.

Reporting & Analytics Integration

Integration of advanced reporting and analytics to gain deeper insights, make faster decisions, and take action.

Server Setup & Backup

You’ll enjoy streamlined restoration as well as seamless backup and recovery to a local disc or the cloud.

Deployment & Maintenance

Services for deployment and maintenance tailored to your production environment, as well as future assistance with any in-house transition.

Get 24x7 Support and Maintenance from our skilled developer team

We provide support and maintenance with System monitoring for evaluating the end-user experience and component-level performance. Our team continuously works on points like Bugs Resolving, any changes or Extra points, Server monitoring, Analytics monitoring, User feedback monitoring, Security reviews, Third-party integration update reviews, Performance monitoring, Source code repository & versioning, Upgrade Services, Refactoring deprecated code ( If required )Correct errors, Improve the web interfaces and interactions, Data model migrations between update. 

We are a leading fuel delivery app development company in USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Germany with a team of Front-end, Back-end, Mobile Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Testers, DevOps, Business Analysts, and Project Managers. 

At TecOrb, we understand that our role doesn’t simply end with designing and developing an advanced food delivery app solution. That’s why we work stringently on support and integration for peak performance.

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We have worked with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payfort, Hyperpay, Paytabs, Mobile Money, CCAvenue, Square, Authorize.net, Omise, DBS PayLah!, Hoolah, Cashfree, etc
You can attain multilingualism in a variety of ways. Of course, it all starts with a translation project, which, depending on the content of your software, might take a long time. Localization is one of the alternatives available once you've taken care of this. The software can recognise the user's device's native language and display it automatically thanks to this technology.











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