Quality Control & Quality Management

Leveraging 8 + years of experience in software quality assurance services, Tecorb Technologies identify all severe issues and assists businesses to offer best-in-class software. 

The main objective of quality testing services is to ensure that software satisfies user expectations and requirements. We provide full-fledged quality assurance & testing services to assist customers in delivering high-quality software that meets strict deadlines of frequent releases.

Software quality assurance includes components like testing, inspection, and audit. Testing is the procedure used to ensure that software performs as planned. Inspection is the procedure used to ensure that code complies with the best practices and industry standards. An audit is a method of analyzing whether the product meets the business's needs. 
Tecorb Technologies enables you to deliver high-quality software and provide your users with the best possible experience.  We are top achievers who assure that your product functions perfectly and enhances your customer's life. 
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Quality Control & Quality Management

We assist companies to set quality goals. After that, we examine each of them very deeply and set defined steps in order to enhance the quality of your mobile and web apps, to meet all the needs and performance requirements.  With quality service, we mean " A service which fits the goals of the client's business perfectly". 

Manual Testing

Our quality assurance team stimulates end-user behavior and checks even the performance of the most sophisticated features of an app or web. Apart from this we also analyze the usability and user interface of the products. Manual testing services help to identify bugs, system crashes and failures, and vulnerabilities that cannot be detected automatically. 

Manual Testing benefits for your project

Allows you to identify user interface issues that can't be detected by automated testing.
Allow for actionable test results for all newly built yet unstable software.
Help you better understand the overall user experience by adding a human touch to the testing process.
Help in identifying problems throughout the early stages of development.

Automated Testing

Automation testing involves testing software products using specialized testing tools and frameworks with the goal of minimizing human intervention and maximizing quality. It covers all possible scenarios of software functionality and then checks its performance on multiple platforms in parallel. Combining manual and automated testing allows you to release a flawless product to satisfy your customers.

Automated Testing benefits for your project

Perfectly completes time-consuming and repetitive activities while conserving your time and resources.
Eliminates human mistakes and simplifies and improves the reliability of software testing.
Enables developers to quickly run tests whenever and wherever they like and log test results easily. 

Quality management across various domains

We have developed reliable testing processes and mechanisms that are customized to your unique business goals by using our experience in a variety of domains. No matter what industry you are in, we’ll ensure that your clients receive the best possible solution.
Software quality assurance services
Benefits of Quality control and management benefits with Tecorb.
Tecorb provides a flawless customer experience. That is why we place a strong emphasis on the software that we provide to our customers.

7 + Years of Quality Management Experience

We provide reliable quality management solutions for your business. It includes testing, software quality assurance, and software quality control. 

In-house Quality Management standards

Established standards-compliant procedures, guidelines, and documentation that matches the best industry practices. 

Automation and Agility

Perfect agile delivery, from a UX audit to a performance assessment, from security and compliance tests to code review, testers, and DevOps.

Quality Assurance solutions

Tecorb provides full-cycle quality testing services and high-end technological testing solutions for mobile, web, and desktop applications. We offer a seamless user experience to the customers. 


Our desktop engineers evaluate the entire software's architecture, test its functionality and performance under various load circumstances and also perform testing for hardware compatibility. 

Main types of desktop software testing we provide

Functionality testing
Backend testing
Compatibility testing
Load testing
GUI feature testing
Memory leaks testing


We offer software quality assurance services for all kinds of web applications including SaaS and cloud-based solutions. We detect issues like traffic congestion, security breaches integration issues, and compatibility during web quality assurance. 

Main web testing techniques we use

Functionality testing
Usability testing
Security testing
Compatibility testing
Interface testing
Performance testing


Your mobile app should offer a user-centered experience and function properly across all platforms and devices. We ensure your mobile app has the best quality, usability, and security throughout mobile testing.

Main mobile testing types we offer

Functionality testing
Usability testing
Compatibility testing
Performance and load testing
Security testing
Installation testing
Localization testing
Mobile device testing

Our Quality Assurance offerings and services

To assure excellent results, by providing a variety of automatic and manual testing, we develop the optimal solution for your needs after analyzing and considering the details of your product.
Automated Testing
Automated testing covers all types of testing for the optimal user experience:
Functional/UI testing of web/ App/mobile apps along with data verification on the front end. 
Mobile functional and UI Testing. We automate web-based, hybrid, or native iOS and Android apps.
Desktop testing to improve the communication between end users and software development teams.
Performance testing to make sure your system meets all the requirements of the performance.
Database testing to verify data quickly or multi-threaded automation development for very large amounts of data.
Manual Testing
Manual testing includes human testers to examine the quality of products without using automation tools or scripting. 
ISO-based usability testing to determine how user-friendly your software system is.
Security application testing that includes mobile security testing, web security testing, and API security testing
Compliance testing includes both process assessment testing and industry compliance. 
Database testing to confirm data quality and transfer.

Quality Assurance Technology

We provide Quality assurance and Testing Services to offer expected results. We will select the tech stack that suits your projects well. 
Automation Tools
Manual Tools
Manual tools

Quality Assurance and Testing Stages

Our aim is to accomplish uncompromised product quality. Therefore, the following testing process is included in our testing process:

Quality and UX audit

In this stage, our specialists analyze your product's user interface and develop ideas for how to improve the user experience.

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate the performance of your app in various environments and assess its scalability and stability under various user loads.

Security and Compliance tests

We identify and fix threats and vulnerabilities in your system and eliminate all security risks. 

Code Evaluations

In this stage, we assess the reliability and quality of your code and make recommendations for things that may be modified or enhanced.

Software Validation

Validation testing is done to make sure the end products meet all the needs and requirements of the functions. It takes place at the end of the development process. 

Software Maintenance

After the deployment of your product, It is needed to maintain your product's performance at a high level. We test every modification made to your product during the software maintenance phase to maintain its quality and capacity to perform consistently.

Software Testing Flow

Quality Testing services
Result-oriented Automation Framework
Smarter automation, increased output, and better digital quality assurance for business purposes only. We choose the automation framework for your projects based on their business objectives. 
Continuous integration
Continuous Integration enables you to produce error-free software while reducing your company's costs associated with manual labor.
Metrics collection
To track testing progress and report on product quality at each phase of the testing process, we collect data using various metrics. 
Certified knowledge
Qualified QA engineers with in-depth knowledge of modern techniques and tools. We strive to be experts in what we do- this is what we stand for.
Automated testing processes
To shorten your time to market and assist you in releasing the product your customers will most appreciate, we provide the service of automated testing. 

From Idea to Implementation to Launch

At Tecorb we analyze your solution requirements closely and then we offer you a comprehensive and customized on demand quality assurance testing services solution.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

We collaborate with you to determine your expectations, functional and technical requirements.

Push Notifications Integration

We integrate push notifications to keep your app’s users engaged and informed about the services it offers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept credit card, debit card, and e-check payments with a secure online payment gateway solution and integration.

Reporting & Analytics Integration

Integration of advanced reporting and analytics to gain deeper insights, make faster decisions, and take action.

Server Setup & Backup

You’ll enjoy streamlined restoration as well as seamless backup and recovery to a local disc or the cloud.

Deployment & Maintenance

Services for deployment and maintenance tailored to your production environment, as well as future assistance with any in-house transition.
We Provide 24x7 Support and Maintenance
Support and maintenance with System monitoring for evaluating the end-user experience and component-level performance.
Working on Points like Bugs Resolving, Any changes or Extra points, Server monitoring, Analytics monitoring, User feedback monitoring, Security reviews, Third party integration update reviews
Performance monitoring, Source code repository & versioning, Upgrade Services, Refactoring deprecated code ( If required )Correct errors, Improve the web interfaces and interactions, Data model migrations between update

Our Clients have hired dedicated teams (Consist of Front-end, Back-end, Mobile Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Testers, DevOps, Business Analyst, Project Managers, etc) 

At TecOrb, we understand that our role doesn’t simply end at designing and developing an advanced quality assurance testing solution. That’s why we work stringently on support and integration for peak performance.
Our Presence is Global
Saudi Arabia
Ivory Coast
Porto Rico
We have worked on Process like : Marketplace Payment systems, Mobile SDKs with Secure connections, Payment gateway Policies, Mobile custom interface, Multi-currency payouts, Clean canvas, 3D Secure, Embeddable checkout, Authorization, Custom UI toolkit, Dispute handling, Open-source plugin, Consolidated reports, Accounting integrations, Unified payout, Financial reporting, Roles and permissions, etc

We have worked with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payfort, Hyperpay, Paytabs, Mobile Money, CCAvenue, Square, Authorize.net, Omise, DBS PayLah!, Hoolah, Cashfree, etc
You can attain multilingualism in a variety of ways. Of course, it all starts with a translation project, which, depending on the content of your software, might take a long time. Localization is one of the alternatives available once you've taken care of this. The software can recognise the user's device's native language and display it automatically thanks to this technology.











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Estimations & Planning For  Business Decisions

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