Dedicated Development Teams

Hire India's top talent as your offshore dedicated development team and save yourself from recruitment hassles, training & infrastructure cost, and investment for upgrading to new technologies. We use custom teams to help agencies and businesses scale their software design & development capabilities.

Types of Offshore Dedicated Team Setup

TecOrb Technologies is a hub of skilled and experienced web & mobile app development teams. Our dedicated development teams have expertise in providing full cycle software solutions for startups as well as enterprises.

On-Demand Dedicated Team

This team setup satisfies any ad-hoc demand in extra skilled resources and domain-specific experts. We empower firms with own skilled in-house teams and well-established development processes, methodologies & tools.

Full-Service Development Teams

In this team setup, we provide full-time dedicated software development teams based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT project. Here, you are granted the flexibility to shift priorities and you can also initiate change requests

Maintenance Teams

With this team setup, we provide multi-level end user support and evolutionary functionality enhancement. We set up dedicated teams adept at guiding your proprietary software product through a series of releases.

Dedicated Development Center with TecOrb Technologies

Get instant access to ready-to-use IT infrastructure, optimum technology skillset, and established software development processes


Team Productivity
Knowledge Accumulation


Seamless Communication
Methodologies Adjustment


Process Optimization


Technological Skills
Domain Experience





Offshore Dedicated Team Setup & Operation

By establishing a dedicated software development team center with TecOrb Technologies, you get instant access to optimum technology skillset, ready-to-use IT infrastructure and established web & mobile app development processes.


In depth analysis of project requirements
Defining scope of project
Candidates screening according to project
Team selection suitable for project


Team setup as per domain expertise
Environment, tools, infrastructure setup
Process & methodology definition
Communication processes establishment
Starting of project


Operation review & adjustment
Maximum productivity achieved & maintained
Team size adjustment (scale up/down)
Knowledge accumulation & sharing

Offshore Dedicated Team Setup & Operation

By establishing a dedicated software development team center with TecOrb Technologies, you get instant access to optimum technology skillset, ready-to-use IT infrastructure and established web & mobile app development processes.

Business Analysis Team

Dedicated business analysts, Strategic planners, Process designers

Management Team

Dedicated business analysts, Strategic planners, Process designers

Designing Team

UI/UX Designers

Software Developers

Web Apps, Mobile Apps, CMS, Ecommerce, JavaScript, Front-end

QA Experts

Web UI & Functional QA Experts.

Digital Marketing Experts

Dedicated project managers

When You Need Dedicated Development Team?

  • Your present staff is not equipped with the skills to work on the new project
  • You feel the company budget is going overboard
  • You feel that it would be good for the company to downsize
  • You realize there is an emergency situation to counter
  • You want additional resources with special skills
  • You want to avoid unnecessary delays on a project

When You Need Dedicated Development Team?

  • 5+ years in business has provided us the expertise to understand your project’s needs. We also train our developers in latest tools and technology.
  • Being a competitive company, we are naturally cost-effective; but not at the sacrifice of quality or speed.
  • TecOrb Technologies dedicated teams are always ready to cater to emergency situations like finishing project in record time, urgent need of skilled developers, etc.
  • Save your money & time in running recruitment process and from bearing many associate cost like promotions & training. Work directly with our developers to achieve the highest level of productivity
  • Get assurance of timely delivery with completely agile project development environment. You can keep a check on the progress in real time.

Advantages of Dedicated Team with TecOrb Technologies

We are a reputed company providing dedicated software development team. We are popular among our clients owing to the following reasons:

India’s Top 2% Developers

When you work with Tecorb Technologies, you get the opportunity to work with India’s best developers who have been hired through a rigorous recruitment process.

Regular Training & Skill Enhancement

We spend a lot on providing regular training to our developers & designers and keep them abreast with the latest technological advancements & trends.

Agility & DevOps Enabled

Timely project delivery is our utmost priority; therefore, we utilize the DevOps & Agile software development process to save your time & cost.

Quick Deployment & Easy Scaling

We ensure quick onsite deployment for the selected resource as well as easily scale up and down your resources as per specific requirements of your company.

Regular Training & Skill Enhancement

Our skilled dedicated team will be working only for your project. Also, you will have 100% ownership of your source code.

Easy Communication

We make use of advanced communication techniques so that smooth communication can be established. Also, you’ll get minutes activity with cloud-based project management

Extended Software Protection

With our extended software protection plan, we provide efficient after-delivery support. We make sure your software will run smoothly always.

No Startup/ Maintenance Cost

There will be no startup or maintenance costs; therefore, you can get best of the both world when you work with TecOrb Technologies: Maximum Quality & Minimum Price

Dedicated Account Manager for Project

Our internet of things development company deputes dedicated Account Managers as your Single-Point Of- Contact during the entire project duration to ease communication.

You Ask, We Answer

Have mobile app maintenance questions mind? We have the answer!

Smartphones aren't like the other development platforms. A mix of business drivers, innovation changes, and use attributes cause mobile applications to experience the ill effects of a much higher rate of progress than web or desktop applications. These progressions are started by gadget makers and working framework proprietors like Apple and Google, and are completely outside the ability to control of application developers.

The cost of a mobile app maintenance contract fluctuates a lot depending upon needed support level and application criticality. Regularly it is 15-20% of the cost of the development while ascertaining the amount it will cost to maintain mobile app. If your initial application development cost is $20,000, you can reasonably expect to spend about approx $2000 every year on mobile application maintenance.

Listed down are the benefits of mobile app maintainance:

Cost reduction and greater Return On Investment (ROI)

Increased predictability

Performance optimization

Flexible capacity

Global operation scalability

Enabling Demand flexibility

Our mobile app maintenance service includes:

Analysis of the problem

Performance monitoring, management and testing

Preventive maintenance and support

Functional uplift of the app

Strategic app upgrade