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We are a leading web application development company specializing in creating highly customized and robust web applications for successful digital transformation. Our agile experts develop customer-centric and business-focused web applications to meet your business requirements and desired goals. With 8+ years of experience, we are your one-stop destination to scale up your business through rich web applications. 
Web app development services

Innovative Web Application Development Services 

We are the fastest-growing web development company and continue to expand our web application development services across the globe. In 8 years, we have worked with big enterprises, and small & mid-level companies in the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Singapore, and Germany, etc. We create reliable and robust web applications with high scalability and enhanced productivity. 
Tecorb has a team of technically skilled web developers. They adopt customer-focused approach to create futuristic websites & applications to take your business to great heights.  Tecorb Technologies is continuously growing its area of expertise. As of now, we have created web applications for a variety of industry verticals including, e-learning, e-commerce, healthcare, OTT platform, automobiles, on-demand, and Data Analysis. 

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Development Process

Our development process is focused on agile methodology.  We build high-quality and securable web apps with rich functionalities that meet your digital requirements with increased ROI. 


Brainstorming Hypothesis Conceptualization


Requirement Definition SRS Document Milestone


Wireframing Prototyping UI/UX Design


Coding & APIs Testing/ QA Debug


Environment Deployment Migration


Maintenance Support Review

Our Web App Development Services

Our Web app development services are highly focused on creating bespoke, fully functional, and scalable apps with the use of the right technology stacks. We provide web application services in front-end designing, framework, open-source, e-commerce, and CMS web development. 

Web App Development

To develop cutting-edge web app development services, we perform thorough research on projects to enhance user experience & provide them appealing UI/UX.

Framework Development

We help to enhance the productivity of businesses with advanced user experience and engage clients through cutting-edge framework development. 

Frontend Designing

​​Tecorb development team works on extensive ideas and a vigorous vision to deliver high-end technological services to global clients in both front-end and back-end design. 

Open Source Development

We provide customized open-source development services to B2B & B2C user segments, CRM & ERP integration to drive business growth.

E-Commerce & CMS Web Development

With our expertise in eCommerce platforms like Magento, WordPress, and Woo-commerce, we develop robust e-stores with seamless customer experience.


Our Web app development services enhance the business operations of global clients. Explore our latest web app development projects. Would Love To Add Yours Too.
Web app development services

Icsc (Ges Global):

Event Management Industry

The Platform Was Built To Manage And Operate A Large Scale Of Vendors And Inventory Management At A Time With High Level Resolution Images, Pdfs And Data (Up To 3+Gb).

Technology And Frameworks For Web Development Purposes

Our prominent development team offers out-of-the-box web application services that elevate your entire business processes. Below are some of the technologies we use to deliver the industry's best services to clients. 


  • Python
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • React JS
  • PHP
  • Net
  • Node JS
  • Wordpress


  • Amazon EC2
  • Azure
  • Apprenda
  • Google App
  • Rockspace
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Heroku
  • IBM Bluemix


  • MySQL
  • Mongo DB
  • SQLite
  • Oracle

What Makes Tecorb A Leading Web Development Company?

Expert Developers Team
Tecorb has a team of highly technical and agile developers. They unlock exponential value to meet your project specifications and business requirements with full efficiency and dedication. 
On-Time Delivery
As a leading web application development company, we meet timelines with flexibility and certainty. Our web developers completely understand the significance of time, so work smartly to complete the project on time while maintaining quality. 
Complete Transparency
From idea to execution, we maintain full transparency during the entire web app development process. We report on a regular basis to clients to update them about the progress and to make recommendations wherever required. 
Innovative Design
We provide reliable and robust web app development services across the world. Our Skilled and highly motivated web developers use intuitive and customer-focused web app designs to offer smoother navigation to the users. 

Web Frontend Javascript frameworks:


React is one of the most popular free and open-source frontend JavaScript libraries created by Facebook in 2013. 40% of developers across the world prefer to use React Framework due to its lightweight, better community support, and easy learning curve. The community of React on Github is huge with above 180k stars. 


  • JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension)
  • Error handling
  • Server-side rendering
  • Error handling
  • Conditional statements
  • Virtual DOM
  • Declarative Programming and state
  • Reduced file size
  • One-way data binding
  • Synthetic Events
  • Extensions


  • React Community is supported by Facebook
  • Developers can write react components without classes
  • Code components are reusable.
  • Ideal for beginners due to the easy learning curve.
  • React Code is flexible and easily maintainable.


  • Thorough and reliable documentation is missing.
  • Constant updates push developers to be aware of new changes.
  • Learning JSX syntax can be complicated.

Top companies using React JS

  • Facebook(Meta)
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Paypal
  • Uber Eats
  • Airbnb
  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • Codecademy


Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google. Nearly 60% of developers have hands-on experience in this JavaScript framework.  The primary focus of Angular is to create Single page applications. Angular is popular among developers due to its features like dependency injection, asynchronous compilations, RxJS, etc.


  • Angular supports multiple platforms.
  • Better productivity due to simple and powerful template syntax and command line tools..
  • High speed, universal support, and ultimate performance.
  • Full stack development.


  • Component-based architecture of Angular offers perfect synchronization between model and view.
  • Offers reusable and highly tested components.
  • Supported by Google, Angular has a strong developer community
  • Angular provides advanced features like dependency injection and directives.
  • Angular supports multiple platforms- Desktop Applications, Native Applications, and Progressive web applications.


  • Angular is not so beginner-friendly. Developers need to learn about MVC before using Angular.
  • Lack of SEO capabilities.
  • File sizes are very larger.

Top companies using Angular:

  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Upwork
  • Delta
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Mixer
  • Santander
  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • Forbes
  • PayPal
  • Grasshopper
  • Overleaf

Stimulus Js

Stimulus is a JavaScript framework for HTML we already have. The stimulus was developed by basecamp to enhance HTML. It helps to add a few javascript sprinkles in the front end when required. Although Stimulus is a front-end framework, it is different from React and Angular. Stimulus does not render HTML but provides features to improve the existing HTML we already have.


  • Stimulus works well with Turbo. This delivers a total solution for fast, initiative apps without effort.
  • Design a highly resilient user interface.
  • Elements can be manipulated and adapted.
  • Stimulus Controllers can be reused
  • Targets and actions can apply to each type of element


  • No Javascript on the Backend
  • It’s easy to start with Stimulus
  • A balance between the Front end and Backend
  • Easy to add functionality to rail views
  • Can manage the entire lifecycle


  • Small developer community
  • Not suitable for complex projects

Top Companies Using Stimulus Js

  • Ubuntu
  • Basecamp
  • Gitlab
  • Shopify

Flutter Web Frontend


  • Enables Web and Mobile development at the same time.
  • Ideal for MVP
  • Offers top-notch user experience
  • Google guaranteed


  • Stable & Product-Ready
  • Open Source
  • Fast Development
  • Multi-Platform
  • Customizable
  • Faster development with hot-reload


  • Low performance
  • Can not inspect elements
  • Routing needs more work

Top companies using Flutter Web Frontend

  • Google pay
  • BMW
  • Dream 11
  • eBay
  • Supernova
  • Toyota

Turbo Hotwire

Hotwire stands for "HTML over the wire". It aims to develop client-side interactivity with reduced JavaScript code. Hotwire is not just one technology, instead, it's an umbrella term for Turbo, Strada (in the Rails world),  and stimulus JS.  Turbo is the technology that makes the approach of Hotwire possible. For this,  Turbo manages HTML requests to the server and directs responses to enhance interactivity without writing much JavaScript. 

Web frontend CSS frameworks:


Bootstrap is the world's most popular open-source CSS framework to build fully featured and mobile responsive websites. It contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based design templates for navigations, buttons, forms, typography, and other interface components. 


  • Simple Integration
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Good Documentation
  • Pre-styled Components
  • An extensive list of Components
  • Base Styling for most HTML Elements
  • Responsive Features
  • Bundled Javascript plugins


  • Launch sites much faster.
  • Improve the consistency of their work.
  • Directly control many elements of their sites.
  • It’s responsive and grid-based.
  • Automatically resizes images and elements.
  • Can be customized easily.
  • It has a thriving community.
  • It has many templates.


  • Personal Risk
  • Lack of Networking
  • Slow Growth

Top companies using Bootstrap: 

  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Udemy
  • Robinhood
  • LinkedIn
  • StackShare
  • Postman
  • Lyft

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is an open-source CSS framework that offers a fast styling process and freedom when designing a website. Unlike other CSS frameworks like bootstrap, Tailwind CSS has a special feature that it does not provide a series of predefined classes for elements like buttons and tables


  • Play CDN
  • Every color out of the box
  • Print modifier
  • Native form control styling
  • Fancy underline styles
  • Arbitrary Properties
  • Modern aspect ratio API
  • Colored box shadows
  • Multi-column layout
  • Stable Just-in-Time Engine


  • Control over styling
  • Faster CSS styling process
  • Responsiveness and security


  • HTML and CSS are mixed
  • Takes a lot of time to learn
  • Lack of Important components
  • Documentation

Top companies using Tailwind CSS:

  • Walmart
  • JP Morgan chase
  • Intellibus
  • Aventon
  • Zywave Inc

FAQs on Web Application Development Company

Our client appraised us

Partnership with Tecorb is wonderful as the way they shaped Ambiview is way beyond expectation….

Tim Joned

Founder & CEO (Ambiview)

Estimations & Planning For Business Decisions

As a leading web application development company, we understand the full potential of your project to find loopholes/gaps in your software, website, and mobile apps. We work immediately on improvement solutions and influence the experience of customers deeply.
We are always excited to chat!

Estimations & Planning For  Business Decisions

Realise the full potential of your product with a Design Audit
We are always excited to chat!

    Our Client  Appraised Us

    • Partnership with Tecorb is wonderful as the way they shaped Ambiview is way beyond expectation.

      Tim Jones

      Founder & CEO (Ambiview) 

    • My business went higher with the development by Tecorb covering fabulous features and tracking systems. Keep up the good work team.

      Roger Dent

      Founder & Developer  (Fish Locator) 

    • Got a world-class app developed by Tecorb within time and covering great features. Thanks, Tecorb for making my startup grow as the app helped me a lot.

      Corey Lenny

      Founder & Developer  (Fish Locator) 

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