January 10, 2022

10 Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps in 2022

January 10, 2022

10 Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps in 2022

The demand for online grocery delivery is increasing widely, owing to India’s vast geography and increased travel prices. Using an on-demand grocery delivery app, you can get your favorite and needful groceries at your doorstep through a few taps on your phone. Moreover, you can place an order at any point of the day! All you need to do so is to download a supermarket app on your phone. As can be seen, comfort is a huge perk of using a grocery delivery app. Thus, Online grocery shopping in India has a huge market share.

Additionally, customer satisfaction is ensured by specially processing the orders and carefully sending them through qualified staff. Through online grocery delivery, you can stay relaxed about the quality of service.

Currently, there are a plethora of apps owned by companies that are already a part of this market. Each mobile app development company is putting in maximum effort into developing applications to make the apps better and as a result, make the lives of the users easier and quicker. Here is the list of the 10 best on-demand grocery delivery apps for 2022

  1. BigBasket

    • App Overview: Without any doubt, we can state that BigBasket is the nation’s very first on-demand grocery delivery app. This app brings the whole supermarket to your fingertips. You can get anything from your favorite lipstick to farm-fresh vegetables at your doorstep with this app.
    • Important Features of BigBasket:
      1. It is an all-rounder app that provides everything from lipstick to farm-fresh vegetables
      2. Additionally, the app has many promotional incentives for new registrations. It also offers many discounts offers to existing users.
      3. The app offers various payment options to ensure easy checkout.
      4. The options for payment include COD, e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and more.
      5. Additionally, the return policy of the app is very simple and easy to understand.
      6. Another very important perk of this app is that it is available in different languages so that people throughout many cities in India find it very easy to access.
  2. Grofers Is Now Blinkit
    • App Overview: Grofers can be stated as India’s best on-demand grocery delivery app. It is widely accepted across many cities in India. Through this app, the users can browse several brands in one place.
    • Important Features of Grofers:
      1. One of the best USPs of this platform is that it ships vegetables, fruits, and other food items to your doorstep at the lowest price possible.
      2. Grofers never compromises the quality of service with a lower price. It lets its users make payments through many options. Thus, making it very easy for the users to make successful purchases.
      3. Moreover, offers and discounts give an enticing effect, making shopping on Grofers fun and affordable.
      4. The app has an option of selecting among 6 language options, making it acceptable throughout the nation.
      5. Some other significant features of Grofers include in-app chat and e-wallet.
  3. Nature’s Basket
    • App Overview: Nature’s Basket is an on-demand grocery delivery app known for catering the freshest and finest food and staples to its customers throughout India. Many customers in India trust Nature’s Basket for faster delivery. Additionally, users can avail the benefits of many discounts and offers.
    • Important Features of Nature’s Basket:
      1. Through user awareness reminders, daily alerts can be sent on development and regular sales.
      2. Moreover, other characteristics of this app include various payment options and an option of express 3-hour shipping schedules.
  4. Big Mart
    • App Overview: The industry of online shopping apps is experiencing a rise like never before. Helping you in this hustle, Big Mart allows its users to take advantage of their time spent on shopping for a great deal of profitable quality time.
    • Important Features of Big Mart
      1. Using this app, you are enabled to order from the finest grocery stores from the comforts of your homes. The best part is that all of this can be done through just a few taps on the phone.
      2. Since its launch in 2016, Big Mart has been dedicated to supplying high-quality and fresh grocery items to its consumers across India.
  5. Amazon Pantry
    • App Overview: At this time, you can find several examples while building an online grocery shop. One such very good example is Amazon Pantry. It was born when the e-commerce giant Amazon decided to launch an on-demand food delivery software.
    • Important Features of Amazon Pantry
      1. Amazon Pantry offers many promotions and discounts to its users.
      2. Additionally, it charges a minimal shipping cost.
      3. It also ensures timely distribution that makes this app user-friendly.
      4. Moreover, some other advantages of Prime Pantry include various payment options and a hassle-free shopping window.
  6. Foodzu
    • App Overview: Owing to its various interesting features, Foodzu is rising to be one of the fastest-growing online grocery shopping apps. The pace at which e-commerce grocery patterns are evolving is alarming.
    • Important Features of Foodzu
      1. This app provides a hassle-free shopping experience for its users. However, this app is currently available for residents in and around Bangalore.
      2. Best offers and promotions are provided to existing customers as well as new registrations.
      3. Moreover, this app ensures the timely distribution of premium goods.
  7. Spencer’s
    • App Overview: Spencer’s is an on-demand grocery delivery app that has a wide variety of food types to pick from for its users.
    • Important Features of Spencer’s
      1. It provides a wide variety of products for the customers to choose from.
      2. Additionally, delivery agents deliver the order within 3 hours.
      3. The slots of distribution are adjustable, making the app experience even better.
  8. DMart
    • App Overview: DMart is an online food distribution app that has its range in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. The app is developed in a way to ensure a trouble-free and easy-to-surf experience for the users.
    • Important Features of DMart
      1. The platform ensures that the delivery agents deliver the order without the fair within the specified time and date.
      2. Additionally, offers and discounts are available for the customers.
      3. There are a few DMart pickup centers that promise to deliver your order without charging any shipping costs.
  9. Brownbag
    • App Overview: Brownbag is one of the on-demand grocery delivery apps that can make your lives easier.
    • Important Features of Brownbag
      1. This platform delivers 15000+ items at the lowest prices available in the market.
      2. Additionally, it provides multiple time slots to select from, making Brownbag the best choice for its users.
      3. Moreover, return plans are hassle-free and straightforward. Thus, you don’t have to go through a lengthy and tiring return process.
  10. SuprDaily
    • App Overview: SuprDaily is a Mumbai Based app that has digitized milk delivery. It promises to deliver fresh milk to its customers with zero additives.
    • Important Features of SuprDaily
      1. There is no minimum order for the users.
      2. You may also set a specific time when you want the order to be delivered.
      3. Additionally, it gives a smooth and easy checkout process.
      4. Another attraction of this app is that it offers a 24*7 help service.

These were the Top 10 on-demand grocery delivery apps. We are sure that you now have a basic understanding of the features, functionalities, and services these different grocery delivery apps offer.


With more usage of smartphones, the online grocery delivery business is definite to expand. Many factors can help in making your app appealing to customers. These factors include:

  • Simple and safe mode of payment
  • Dependability and credibility of the vendor
  • Price and consistency of the goods
  • Flexibility for modifying orders

People nowadays, want to make their life easier by doing what they need from their phone itself.  Customers do almost all of the shopping online on smartphones. They are all hooked on the internet. Thus, they have the knowledge and resources to compare items online, and then decide if they want to purchase them or not. Time has proven that people have now started accepting online grocery applications.

Supermarket applications are now hitting the online delivery industry at a fast pace. Many aspects make these apps a hotcake. Please now don’t want to wait in lines to buy their groceries. Instead, they like them to be delivered to their doorstep. Customers prefer to invest their time smartly instead of going about the traditional ways. Thus, grocery shopping apps help in fixing above stated concerns.

Tecorb is a leading Grocery app development company. We offer the potential for a variety of services to our clients. At the start of every project, we send rigorous insights and suggestions before the start of the project. Reach out to us today to create your on-demand grocery delivery app.

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