November 29, 2022

Why Cloud-Based Android Apps are the Future of Mobile App Development

November 29, 2022

Why Cloud-Based Android Apps are the Future of Mobile App Development

The "cloud" that was once a sci-fi buzzword is now an essential part of our daily lives- personally and professionally. Although we are aware of what the cloud does, the way it operates, and how it is evolving is a much more complex subject.

More than 50%of businesses have been found to focus on creating their road map and strategies for mobile applications on cloud platforms. There is no wonder that this number will increase in the future. Cloud platforms like Azure have been reshaping global enterprises in terms of scalability.

The evolution and revolution in cloud technology offer opportunities for businesses to in growing their business operations to unparalleled heights. Mobile cloud application

development is considered the most happening thing along with other emerging technologies.

Cloud Computing- A Brief Introduction

Cloud Computing is a technology that gives users access to storage, databases, software, files, networks, and servers via the internet on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Cloud computing stores and process data in a location that's separate from end users.

In its simplest form, cloud computing refers to the capability of storing and accessing data and software through the internet rather than on a hard drive.

The Most Used Cloud Storage Services.

With a usage rate of 94.44 %, Google Drive is by far the most popular cloud storage service across the world. The best cloud storage for collaboration, Dropbox is in second place with a still-impressive 66.2 %, followed by OneDrive and iCloud with 39.35% and 38.89% respectively. Other most popular cloud storage services are MEGA (5.09%), Box (4.17%), and pCloud (1.39%).

Largest cloud computing market by region

When looking at the market share of cloud computing, North America grabs the top position with 61%. It is three times bigger than the second largest cloud computing market, Western Europe which has 21% of the total market. Africa holds the third position.

Cloud Computing and Android App Development:

So far we have known what cloud computing is and how is it proving as an emerging technology. Now have a look at how cloud computing is connected to android mobile development. Cloud computing enabled the Android app development company to develop apps efficiently, easily, and in less time as compared to traditional processes. It doesn't let developers take the hassle of system administration and other similar work. Developers only need to focus on making apps.

Amazon Cloud Player and Dropbox are two of the most well-known Android applications worldwide. These apps are examples of the technological artistry produced by the amalgamation of android with cloud computing.

Music files are played and stored using Amazon Cloud Player. Cloud Player and Cloud Drive are included. The first one is used to play.mp3 files, while the second one is the cloud's hard drive where data are stored. The Amazon MP3 app gives users the option to listen to or stream their favorite songs on their Android smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, Dropbox is a cloud storage-based service for hosting and sharing files. A number of features are available, including file syncing (Smart Sync), content collaboration (Dropbox Paper), connection with Zoom, HelloSign, and Slack, priority chat assistance, document scanners, and more. You can download files from dropbox to their android phones.

How cloud computing benefits Android App Development?

Let's uncover some of the benefits that cloud computing offers to Android App development.

1.Cloud computing can store data safely

With the help of cloud computing, Android developers stores all files in the cloud rather than storing them on the user's mobile device. This eliminates the risk of losing files and security break-ins and makes the app more secure. Users don't have to worry about their personal information and bank details getting stolen by cybercriminals.

2.Cloud computing promotes easy data backup and recovery

In Android app development services, cloud computing makes data recovery a straightforward process. The cloud not only stores data and files on numerous servers but also consistently and automatically backs up everything. As a result, all the data and files are safe and can be restored quickly in case of any unfortunate incidents such as server damage.

3.Cloud computing adds flexibility to android apps.

It is easy for android app developers who work on the cloud to access tools and files irrespective of time, day, and location. Users can access the app anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices as long as they have an internet connection. Cloud-based android apps are not only flexible but also reliable.

4.Cloud computing is used for updating data

In Android app development, it is essential to update the information constantly. Cloud makes it easier to update data in case of any new changes and any new activities. If a user does any action, the cloud captures it instantly and indicates it to other users immediately to aware of the update. Cloud computing centralizes all tools in one location.

5.Cloud computing can use to add new app functions and features to android apps.

If developers want to add new functions and features to the android app, they can do it more conveniently through cloud computing. Continuous streaming of cloud apps helps developers to manage improvements, disruptions, and other challenges in a proper and efficient manner.

6.Cloud computing elevates perfect database integration and low coding – no more complex codes to write and compile

Cloud-based Android mobile development enables developers to integrate databases in a flawless manner. Apps work smoothly with no glitches. Cloud makes data integration easier due to the availability of everything that developers need. All they are required is to synchronize the cloud server to the data. Furthermore, developers may simply drag and drop pre-made codes rather than write complex codes from scratch, which often takes too long to complete. The faster you launch your app to the market, the less cost you incur.

What Android Mobile Development and Cloud Computing Offer App Users?

1.Easy to use and crash-free

The main benefit that cloud-based apps offer to users is that they are easy to use and crash-free. Furthermore, reliability and adaptability are also crucial elements. They can enjoy utilizing the app irrespective of their location and time. Additionally, users can select any portable device they want to use, whether a smartphone, tablet, or other. Their only requirement is a reliable Internet connection.

2.More affordable

The low cost of cloud-based Android apps is also advantageous to users. Android developers can make apps without spending too much time and money. As a result, they are able to give customers the best offers This is one of the main factors that many android apps are free in the market or are very affordable to buy.

Finally, it's a wrap.

Cloud computing and Android app development go hand in hand. These two systems work together to provide top-notch products worldwide. So, if you want to flourish your business in 2023, a cloud-based Android app is the key to success.

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Why Cloud-Based Android Apps are the Future of Mobile App Development
The "cloud" that was once a sci-fi buzzword is now an essential part of our.
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