November 11, 2022

How to Hire a Development Team for Mobile Applications-Step by Step guide

November 11, 2022

How to Hire a Development Team for Mobile Applications-Step by Step guide

As soon as a startup or a big company comes to the conclusion of whether their business needs a mobile application, they start working on the ideas. Not surprisingly, with plans to launch an application, they have innumerable expectations related to marketing, growth, and better prospects.

A business person or entrepreneur basically has an idea of ​​what kind of application he wants and what features should have in it.

However, Implementing it in a planned, realistic, and appealing manner is a task to be taken care of by a dedicated application development team.

There are over a million mobile app developers and mobile application development company around the world, and choosing the best among them is a task that is very challenging. A mobile app development team is required to have professionals who have the all-important capabilities you need to build top-notch applications.

Mobile App Development Growth

In this blog, we have enlisted the important points and steps that you should follow to hire the best team of developers for mobile applications.

Let’s have a look:

Be clear with your purpose and requirement before the hiring process.

In the first place, it is very important for you to be clear about the purpose of your application and how your targeted customer base leverages it. So, it is very essential for you to define the scope of the project and do paper documentation enlisting all the project requirements. For successful project execution, understanding key elements like app development features, functionalities, resources, timelines, deliverables, constraints, and others is important.

Be ready with PRD (Project Requirement Document) before hiring a mobile app development team.

1.Users’ requirements
Functionality, user roles, and features

2.Business requirements
Objectives, business model, and other resources

3.System requirements
Technical specifications and platform requirements

This documentation will act as a most essential resource throughout your mobile app development phase for all the associated stakeholders and enables you to develop an appealing and full-featured app.

Apart from this, identifying all the application development requirements and the list of work required in advance helps you to discover the skill gap for your project. Make sure the app development team you have chosen has much experience with feature-packed apps for several platforms.

Once you identify the skill gap of your project, finalize the roles and responsibilities of the development team.

Roles and Development of a Mobile app development team

Mobile app developers have not to only write the code but also have to contribute towards the other aspects of projects and perform duties like core implementation, unit testing, development, documentation writing, etc. Some common roles and responsibilities include:

1.Support mobile app life cycle which includes :

  • Inception
  • design
  • Development
  • testing
  • stabilization
  • deployment

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

2.Collect information regarding projects and recommend changes, upgradation, or new solutions.

3.Built full-featured, business-centric, and secure mobile apps and designed wireframe interfaces.

4.Write clear code and create apps that meet the specific needs of clients.

5.Pinpoint and fix bugs, errors, and security threats related to applications.

6.Excellent collaboration in the development team to deliver innovative mobile solutions tailored to your goals.

7.Make sure that mobile apps meet quality standards and inspect the performance of mobile apps.

8.Stay updated on the latest technology to keep apps as innovative as possible.

Predominantly, the roles and responsibilities of an application development team vary greatly depending on the level of experience and your app development needs.

Fundamental skills of Mobile app development team

  • Sound knowledge of programming languages (at least one).
  • Understanding of Databases.
  • Understanding of IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).
  • Deep knowledge of UI/UX Design Principles.
  • Basic knowledge of testing.
  • Proficiency in Version Control Tools.
  • Encryption knowledge

Mobile App Development Team

Apart from these technical skills, a development team or a mobile app development agency must have good communication skills for smooth and transparent coordination throughout the development process of your mobile application.

Developers must have other soft skills like teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, time management skills, and analytical reasoning skills.

Tips to consider when hiring a development team for mobile applications.

1.Set your objectives and goals

Before hiring any app development team, you should be clear about the purposes and requirements of developing the app. Its concept, logic, features, functionality, design, quality standards, security, and deliverables should be finalized in the first step. This will helps you to define what type of talent you want in your app development team and it will be easier to convey the type of requirements exactly you want from the development team that you are going to hire.

2.Select the most suitable hiring model for the best talents

Select the most suitable hiring model that delivers the needed expertise at an affordable cost. Basically there are two types of hiring models:

  • Project-based model: In this model, a team of developers works on your project at a fixed cost
  • Service-based model: In this model, you hire a team of developers to hire a particular task regardless of the project.

3.Do market research

Do a little market research to know what technologies and tools have been used on the apps that offer services like you. Do research on costing and payoffs. These will help you in clear communication and negotiation when you hire a mobile app development team.

4.Know about their experience

Before hiring any development team, ask about their experience, visit their website, see reviews, client testimonials, etc. All these help you to know about their experience like- have they worked with mobile app development of different verticals and complex web and app integration, payment gateway integration, adding SSL layer, and many other things.

5.Clear communication

Have clear communication with the app development team as it is key to successful working. You and your app development partner should be on the same page in terms of envisioning the appearance of the app and its functionality. Multiple iterations can change the interface and functionality of the app.

6.Examine developers' past experience and portfolio

Invest some time in analyzing the portfolio and past experience of a development team that you have shortlisted. Take a look at their development approach, accomplishments, technologies they have worked on, roles and responsibilities of their previous job, and specialization. This helps you to select the most suitable mobile app development team for developing your app.

Check their work samples to have a clear and better understanding of their domain expertise. It also helps to understand their working knowledge of frameworks, tools, libraries, and technologies.

7.Creative work approach to develop applications effectively

Hire dedicated development team that can deliberate new ideas to add value to your business. The mobile app development team must be updated with the latest industry trends that can favor your business.

Make sure to hire a mobile app development company that follows an efficient and energetic work approach, and tracks real-time progress. Make sure that the development team creates MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) so that you can make changes (if any) and give feedback.

Hire Dedicated Development Team

Ask the right Questions

Here are a few questions you should consider asking before describing your mobile app development needs.

1.How many and what kind of experience do you have?

You can know about the experience of any particular app development company by looking at their portfolio and case studies. Ask your web development company to show the case studies and portfolio of the apps they have designed for your niche. Ask them about their relevant experience. See their website as websites reflect how professional a company is.

2.Any client reference?

Client testimonials that have been posted on their website, reflect a lot about their mobile app development work. Check client testimonials to overview what clients say about the mobile app development company. Also, ask for references and links to the mobile apps they have developed.

3.What technologies do you use?

You may not have much idea about the IT industry, but do research on which technology suits well to your mobile app development. For end-to-end development, you have to do research on the technology and programming tools they are using to build your app.

4.Which market segments you have worked in till now?

The app development team may not have worked in your niche industry, but they should have experience in creating similar apps like yours. They should have diverse market segment experience as they can add value to your app by using fresh user perspectives.

Wrapping up

Developing a successful app required an extremely talented and skilled mobile application development team including app developers, testers, architects, and consultants.

Selecting a trustable app development company can transform your ideas into full-featured mobile applications and enables you to enjoy innumerable benefits. At Tecorb Technologies, we have a team of well-established and dedicated app development team that suits your business requirements and expand your business to a new level quickly.

Hire a Dedicated Development Team at Tecorb Technologies

At Tecorb, you can hire a development team for mobile and web applications. We have dedicated talents having expertise in software and app development that helps to achieve your business objectives and goals. You can trust our dedicated development team to hand over a part of your burden and concentrate on other important business responsibilities.

In our 10 years of experience, we have helped many big organizations and brands worldwide including GES, Ejaro, Ambiview, Parabel, ELGO, and others achieve their mobile application development goals. Contact us to hire dedicated development team.

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