December 27, 2021

Cost of developing A Mobile Application – A Mobile App Development Services

December 27, 2021

Cost of developing A Mobile Application – A Mobile App Development Services

In a digital world like today, creating a quality mobile app becomes extremely essential for any business, that wishes to establish a strong online presence. Since the development of a mobile application requires expertise, finding a company that provides you with quality mobile app development services is extremely important. But the very first step that you need to take to make your application is to know the cost that is involved to create a mobile application according to your business requirements. 

Many people are of the view that each mobile app takes an equal number of hours to develop by the developer. However, this approach is nothing but a myth. The ground reality of very different. 

Apart from coding, a successful mobile app project requires the following specialists:

1. Business analysts and project managers: these are the people who are responsible for creating project backlog with tasks

2. Solution architect: Solution architects are responsible for designing the overall architecture of the project’s back-end components

3. Designers: Designers are responsible for working on the project layout, prototype, and complete design

4. Quality assurance managers: These are the people who create checklists for the project functionality to make sure that the functionality works properly without any error

There are many aspects that you need to take into consideration while analyzing the cost of developing a mobile application:

Mobile App Development

1. Type (Mobile Game, Social Networking, Business, E-commerce, and more)

2. Design (Basic, Individual, or Custom)

3. Platform (iOS, Windows, or Android)

4. Features and Infrastructures

5. Number of Pages

What affects the Mobile Application Costs?

Included in the software development, the cooperation model defines the responsibilities of the client and the team. The client can cooperate under the following models:

1. Extended Team

The extended team stands for providing professionals while the client manages all other processes. This model is best suited if you wish to augment your existing team with extended professionals. Moreover, this model is the best choice for clients who already have established management and processes. 

The extended team will become a part of the existing structure. It will be reporting directly to you or your responsible manager.

2. Dedicated Team

Under this model, the dedicated team will have shared responsibilities between the client and the development team. In addition, this model is the best choice for outsourcing business functions like development and quality assurance.

This team is inclusive of a project manager who takes care of the Systems Development Cycle (SDLC) Methodology and process, facilitating the integration of the dedicated team with the client’s in-house development teams.

3. Managed Services

Under the Managed Services Model, your Mobile App Development Services Provider will manage the whole product development process. However, this is done while giving the client the freedom to develop the other aspects of the business. 

The outsourced mobile app development company will be responsible for hiring extra specialists to create complex projects. It will be providing all the technical support required after the product launch. 

In addition to a Development and QA specialist, your product can also require UI/UX designers, Product Manager, Business Analytics, and System Analytics.

But how do these models have an impact on the cost of your mobile app development?

As you keep on giving more responsibilities to your mobile app development service provider, the more extensive the project scope you need to implement. Similarly, more developers will work on your project. Thus, resulting in a higher mobile app development cost.

Case Studies for Mobile App Development Cost

To help you understand better the cost for app development by a Mobile App Development Company, here are a few examples of some successful mobile apps with their price and app development time.

1. Tinder

Tinder is known to be one of the most popular dating applications. The app launched into the market in the year 2012 with a seed investment of $485,000. However, the user functionality of the app is extremely simple. The users just need to swipe right or left on their screen for liking or disliking a particular person respectively. Afterward, if the person you have swiped right on returns the affection, the application’s system shows a match. 

The average cost of such an app can range around $70,000. In addition, the time included for such an application is about 1,000 hours.

Moreover, important features that are included in an application like Tinder are as follows:

a. GPS location

b. Settings

c. Authorization

d. User profile

e. Matching functionality

f. Communication

g. Push notifications

h. Third-party integration

2. Ikea

A brand-based mobile application, Ikea was developed using Augmented Reality. The catalogs they upload have pictures that are mostly 3D models.

All of these super tech features and integrations, including security aspects, add up to the bill quoted by your Mobile App Development Company.

For a mobile app like Ikea, the cost can come to around $45,000. In addition, the time required can come around 1,000 hours.

Moreover, important aspects and features added to this type of app are as follows:

a. 3D models of the products

b. 360-degree view of the products

c. Compliance with social media sharing

d. Real-time dashboard and analytics

e. CRM integration

3. Uber

Very recently, Uber has gained success as a ride-hailing app. However, Uber does not have just one app but three, out of which, two are mobile applications – for the passenger and driver and 1 web application which is designed as an admin panel.

Thus, the mobile app development services cost will be for 3 very different applications. 

To build an application like Uber, the development cost can range around $50,000. Moreover, it can take up to 1,200 hours of working.

Moreover, the essential features that must be included in this kind of mobile app are as follows:

a. Geolocation

b. Payment integration

c. Routing and advanced route optimization

d. SMS and push notifications integrations

4. TikTok

A mobile application that has gained popularity very recently, TikTok is a social media application for video sharing.

Developing a mobile application like TikTok can increase based on app features and functionalities it offers.

The cost for an application like TikTok can start from $70,000. In addition, it can take about 1,200 hours.

Moreover, the features included in this type of app are as follows:

a. Video calls

b. Multi-language support

c. Online messaging

d. Sharing images and videos

e. User connecting

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a perfect example of a thriving marketplace mobile app.

A marketplace app is typically a fusion of an on-demand app and e-commerce store. Because of this, the cost of mobile app development services and the development time will be comparatively higher.

The approximate cost of such an application is $75,000. In addition, it can take about 1,000 hours.

Moreover, the features included in an application like Airbnb are:

a. In-app chat

b. Co-planning of a trip

c. Referral system

d. Advanced booking workflow including date, check-in, and more details

e. Search for available living units

f. Last-minute booking

g. Save list for favorite homes and places


application development company

For a Mobile Application Development Company like us, our only focus is to create a market-ready product for you at a price that is best possible.

We aim to help you get the success, progress, and scalability of your product. Tecorb is a leading company providing mobile app development services. If you wish to build a successful and effective mobile app for your business, go ahead and contact us and know how we can help.

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