March 17, 2023

Developing truck booking app for shoppers and transporters

March 17, 2023

Developing truck booking app for shoppers and transporters

In this fastest-growing technology environment, it is very important for e-commerce businesses to stay connected with their customers 24 hours a day. A huge part of their business performance depends on connectivity via road, rail, sea, and air. In such circumstances, a nation's capacity to compete on a global scale can be severely hampered by ineffective and inadequate systems of transportation, logistics, and trade-related infrastructure.

Gone are the days when a party calls carriers and drivers on the phone to negotiate the best price. Truck booking apps have changed the market landscape and now trucks and fleets can be booked online just like any other booking.

What is a Truck Booking App?

Truck booking apps are the platforms where various stakeholders involved in logistics transactions connect together. Shippers, receivers, employers, and drivers all meet one another's requirements by registering on this app. However, finding the ideal party for the deal is a daunting task. Thus, Truck booking apps connect a variety of carriers, drivers, shippers, and receivers on mutual platforms, enabling users to interact with the service providers who seem to them the most.

The app is a one-stop destination that provides options to decide each and everything on the online platform itself for example logistics detail, pickup and delivery address, timing, cost, etc. Chatting options on truck booking apps help stakeholders to connect with other parties in real time.

How Does a Truck Booking App Work?

The truck booking app is a creative way to eliminate the complex and long process of employing the right customers and transporters. Having a mutual and central platform makes it easier. The truck booking app merely unites all parties involved in a trucking process on a single platform, allowing them to communicate and select the ideal delivery partner.

These solutions incorporate auto-bidding mechanisms, allowing a single click on the auto-bid button to send multiple bids.

  • The customer registers with the app and signs in
  • The customer lists the job on-site
  • The customer invites quotes from transport providers
  • The customer receives quotes, accepts quotes, rejects quotes
  • The customer pays a booking fee to the admin
  • Admin provides the contact details of the transporter and customer.
  • Transporters get registered within the app
  • Creates user profile
  • Checks the listed jobs.
  • Sends quotes
  • Receive quote acceptance message
  • Arranges pickup and delivery with the customer
  • The customer pays fees to the transport provider.
  • The transporter offers transportation services.

Features of a Truck booking app

Shippers App Features

  • See the Available Vehicles
  • Send Shipping Request
  • Push Notifications
  • Track Shipments
  • Make Payment
  • Booking History
  • Rate and Review

Driver’s app features

  • Driver Authentication
  • View Shipping Request
  • Detail About Shipper
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Built-In Navigation
  • Push Notification
  • Proof of Delivery

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Trucks
  • Manage Shippers
  • Manage Carriers
  • Bill Management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Offers and Coupons

Advanced Features

  • Freight Bidding
  • Real-time tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Support
  • Information insight
  • Integration
  • Web Bookings
  • Referral Rewards
  • RTL Language
  • Support
  • Voice Messages

What are the benefits of Truck booking app development?

Online truck booking apps streamline the shipping process by minimizing costs and eliminating time-consuming paperwork.

  • A truck booking app saves a lot of time by presenting multiple options on the screen.
  • The app enables direct communication between transporter and customer, hence reducing cost by eliminating the middleman.
  • The status of the truckload can be tracked online to ensure the safety of your logistics.
  • A digitized payment mode ensures complete transparency in payment.
  • Companies can explore a broad customer base hence more business opportunities for them.

How to develop a truck booking app?

Developing a truck booking app that results in higher ROI involves the following steps:

1. Decide on a Business Model

You should have an idea of what you're going to develop before starting the process. There are several models you should concentrate on while developing the app. You must be aware of the business model you intend to develop. You should be clear about who is your target audience, whether they are drivers, carriers, or shippers

2. Conduct Thorough Research

Conduct thorough research about the industry, understand the market and the demand for particular apps, the market's competitors, their features, and the competitive advantages where you can surpass them. Keep in mind that there are many business competitors who are striving for the same thing. Additionally, be aware of the needs and requirements of your target market in order to offer them superior services.

3. Hire an App Development team

Your app development team will be crucial in the development of the app. Make sure your app development team is skilled and reliable. You can choose between freelancers and IT companies providing app development services. However, we advise going for the app development company as you receive all solutions under one roof.

4. Idea Validation

Contact your team and establish communication before starting the work. Being an app development team, they have experience in building popular apps and client needs & preferences. Tell them about your idea so they can offer you the best advice that helps you in making the best choice. Consider yourself a team member instead of an outside stakeholder.

5. Clearly analyze the prototype

The prototype of your app will be delivered by your app development team as soon as the work is started. The app's prototype serves as its template. Make sure to evaluate how effective is the prototype. Suggest changes, add or remove features based on needs, and answer all the doubts. It might not be practical to make adjustments once the prototype has been approved in terms of time and money.

6. Implement a Reliable Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is itself an essential feature. The trucking and delivery transactions primarily deal in big sums concurrently. Therefore, be sure to include a reliable payment gateway in your app.

7. Quality Analysis

Test your app several times to find bugs. Remove as many bugs as you can from the application. The fewer the bugs, the better will be the user experience.

8. Release and Promote the App

Launch the application on the respective platform (App store, Google Play Store, or both) once you are happy with its quality The consumers now need to be informed of your app's accessibility. Therefore, run promotional campaigns, enlist the aid of social media and digital marketing, and inform people about the app. Keep in mind that greater marketing equals better results.

Truck Booking app development cost

The app development cost is the biggest concern of most people when they decided to develop an app. Undoubtedly app development is a little expensive compared to other commodities. However, you cannot compare the cost of one app to another because it greatly relies on the kind of app and the features you desire. For a better understanding, consider the following details:

The trucking app development cost relies on multiple factors. It directly depends on how complex your app is and how much time it will take to develop the app. The features of the app and functionalities, the origin of the app development team, and the experience of the app development team all affect the cost of development.

How Tecorb Technologies help you?

There are a lot of business entities providing app development services. Then why should you choose us and what makes us superior to others?

  • Our market research team not only helps with app development but also with development with updated and advanced technologies.
  • We have an experience of more than 9 years now in the app development industry and we very well know how to deal with problems.
  • Our strong app development fundamentals guarantee the installation of essential privacy and security features while adhering to play store and app store policies.
  • Our team is familiar with the various APIs that alter a trucking app's functionality and efficiency. As a result, it will guarantee your app's competitive benefits.
  • We provide free consultation and our team provides you with post-development maintenance services.

Wrapping Up

The trucking business is turning online rapidly. The truck booking app streamlined the process and provides the best deal for everyone whether they are stakeholders, dealers, shippers, and carriers.

Tecorb Technologies offers you a good business chance whether or not you are involved in the industry. Over the past few years, trucking apps have experienced tremendous development. So, creating your own app results in a good fortune. Your truck booking app can be made profitable in a variety of methods, with maximum returns on your investment. You only need to maintain the trucking app and offer state-of-the-art features in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the various stakeholders.

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