August 31, 2021

Features of On-demand Truck Booking Application like Porter and Lynk

August 31, 2021

Features of On-demand Truck Booking Application like Porter and Lynk

Customer app features:

  • The customer app has a login/authentication feature. Most applications use social media, email, or a phone number to verify their users.
  • Orders: This includes the ability to use the app to place an order or manually add orders. Basic information includes addresses (pick-up and drop-off locations), customer information, product details, price, and preferred delivery time (if applicable).
  • A matching algorithm. The ability to match the order with the nearest free courier based on location or current route.
  • GPS-based order tracking. Any on-demand delivery software should be able to track your product's current location as well as provide ETA location services.
  • Price Algorithm: Minimum Price, Base Km, Base fair price, Price/Km, Ride , Time Fair, Waiting price/min, Admin Percentage (Profit), Category - Subcategory.
  • Delivery: To reschedule the delivery or contact the driver after the order has been approved, in-app messaging or connection with phone calls is required.
  • Payments: Card payments, mobile payment gateway integration (Stripe, Braintree, Paypal), hardware integration (Square), and NFC payments are all possibilities (Apple Pay, etc.).
  • Rating and Reviews:  The opportunity to rate and comment on the courier.
  • Order history: rating, personal information (names and addresses) and payment information are all included in your personal profile.
  • Notifications : When an order is on its way or has arrived, you'll receive a push notice. This adds another dimension to the consumer experience and may be an effective engagement strategy.
  • Extra: Loyalty and gamification components such as points, discounts, coupons, and invites are offered as extra features.

Delivery App Features:

  1. Information about your order. The capacity to go over available orders, evaluate an order and the client's information, and accept the ones that are most appropriate.
  2. The order is being placed. It allows couriers to compete for orders by submitting bids.
  3. Communication with the customer via in-app messaging.
  4. The status of the delivery. When a delivery person accepts or rejects an order, picks it up, and delivers it, he might notify the customer.
  5. For in-app navigation, GPS navigation is used.
  6. Feedback and ratings Customers, as well as couriers, should be able to evaluate their clients and give feedback on the order for total transparency.
  7. Personal profile including basic information such as completed orders, earnings, and so on.
  8. You may also provide couriers the option of accepting gratuities from their customers.

Admin Panel / Sub Panels:

  1. Customer and courier profiles and databases, as well as approve and manage the profiles of collaborating firms, if appropriate.
  2. Module for accounting (transactions and payment details).
  3. Advanced analytics documenting the operations of the customer/courier, orders issued and executed, and so on.
  4. Manage discounts, deliveries, earnings, price alogithms, and etiquette based on couriers, among other things.
  5. Customer support / Bulk Notifications module
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