December 23, 2020

Hire The Best Team For Your Mobile Application Development

December 23, 2020

Hire The Best Team For Your Mobile Application Development

Hire the best talent for your outsourced dedicated development team and save yourself for the hassle of recruitment, training, infrastructure cost, and investment for upgrading to the latest technologies. At Tecorb Technologies, we use custom teams to help businesses and organizations in scaling their software design and development capabilities.

We have a strong support of 500+ full-time professionals who have an average of 5 years of experience in working with complex as well as complex grade projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Outsourced Dedicated Team Set Ups
  2. Tecorb’s Software Product Development Expertise
  3. Set-up and Operations of Offshore Dedicated Team
  4. Whom can you hire?
  5. Perks of using Dedicated Team for your Project
  6. How can we help you get the best Dedicated Development Team?
  7. Advantages of a Dedicated Development Team by Tecorb Technologies

Types of Outsourced Dedicated Team Set Ups

We are a hub of experienced and skilled mobile and web app development teams. Our team of dedicated development experts has expertise in providing full cycle software solutions for both start-ups and enterprises. The three kinds of team support provided by us are as follows:

  • On-Demand Dedicated Team

The on-demand dedicated development team will work towards satisfying any ad-hoc demand in extra skilled resources and domain specific experts. We help firms empower themselves with their skilled in-house teams and well-established development tools, methodologies, and processes.

  • Full Service Development Team

Under this system, Tecorb provides you full-time dedicated software development teams based on instant use IT infrastructure to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT project. In this system, you are provided the flexibility to shift priorities and you also have an option to initiate change requests.

Under this team set up the system, Tecorb provides you a multi-level end user support and revolutionary functionality enhancement. We create a group of a dedicated team that will help an organization to guide their proprietary software product through a series of releases.

Tecorb’s Software Product Development Expertise

The industry knows us for catering scalable, robust, and secure Software product development solutions, keeping in mind the specific needs of each customer.

The three areas under which our expertise lies are as follows:

  1. People: In terms of teams and individuals, we are experts in team productivity and knowledge accumulation. 
  2. Processes: In terms of alignment, we are experts in seamless communication and Methodologies adjustment. In terms of Individuals, our expertise lies in in-house or offshore process optimization.
  3. Infrastructure: In terms of hardware, we are experts in devices and networks. In terms of software, our expertise lies in test automation and IDEs.

Set-up and Operations of Offshore Dedicated Team

By collaborating with Tecorb technologies for establishing a dedicated software development team center, you will be able to get instant access to optimum technology skillset, established web & mobile app development processes, and ready-to-use IT infrastructure.

The process for offshore dedicated team setup works as follows:

  1. Arrangement
  2. Deep analysis of the project requirements
  3. Creating a definition of the scope of the project
  4. Screening of the candidates according to the project
  5. Selection of team that is suitable for the project
  6. Launch
  7. Set up of the team according to domain expertise
  8. Project initiation
  9. Set up for environment, tools, and infrastructure
  10. Definition of process and methodology
  11. Establishment of the communication process
  12. Operation
  13. Establishment and maintenance of maximum productivity
  14. Review and adjustment of operations
  15. Adjustment of team size (scale up or scale down)
  16. Accumulation and sharing of knowledge

Whom can you hire?

The team we create works on a model that adds only senior developers who have more than 3 years of experience in the relevant field.

  1. Business Analysis Team
  • Dedicated business analytics
  • Strategic planners
  • Process designers
  • Management Team
  • Dedicated business analytics
  • Strategic planners
  • Process designers
  • Designing Team
  • UI/UX designers
  • Software Developers
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • CMS
  • Ecommerce
  • JavaScript
  • Front-end
  • Digital Marketing Experts
  • Dedicated project managers

Perks of using Dedicated Team for your Project

Nowadays, hiring dedicated software developers and programmers is in great demand. It is because it provides a wide amount of benefits. A few of these advantages are as follows:

  1. Skilled professionals will be working just for you
  2. Save up your time and money running the recruitment process
  3. Save up on the spending on infrastructure development
  4. Save up on the effort for following local and national laws while hiring
  5. Unparalleled resource flexibility and project scalability
  6. Save up from bearing costs like promotions, training, and more
  7. No need to bear long-term associated costs at all
  8. No cost related to hardware or software

How can we help you get the best Dedicated Development Team?

  1. With experience of more than 15 years in this business, we can provide you’re an expert and understanding view of your project’s needs. We also provide training to our developers in the latest technology and tools.
  2. Being a competitive company in the market, we are very cost-effective. However, we make no sacrifice on the part of quality and speed.
  3. Downsizing your organization must never mean that it is affecting your business profitability. Tecorb’s dedicated development team provides unparalleled project scalability and resource flexibility.
  4. Our dedicated team is always on the toe to cater to emergency circumstances like completing the project in record time, fulfilling the urgent need of skilled developers, and more.
  5. We help you in saving your time and money in conducting the recruitment process and from bearing associate costs like training and promotions. With us, you work directly with the developers to achieve the highest level of productivity.
  6. We provide you the assurance of timely delivery with an environment of agile project development. You are provided with a facility of checking on the progress in real time.

Advantages of a Dedicated Development Team by Tecorb Technologies

As a company, we have a reputation for providing a dedicated team for dedicated software development. We have a reputation among our clients because of the following reasons:

  1. India’s best developers

While working with Tecorb Technologies, you get an opportunity to collaborate with India’s best developers who we have hired using a rigorous recruitment process.

  • Regular Training and Skill Enhancement

We make use of a lot of our spending to provide regular training to our developers and designers to keep them abreast with the latest trends and technological enhancements.

It is our utmost priority to do timely project delivery, thus, we make utilization of DevOps and Agile software development process to save your cost and time.

  • Quick Deployment and Easy Scaling

We make sure of quick onsite deployment for the selected resource as well as easily scale up or scale down of your resources, keeping in mind the specific requirements of your company.

  • Dedicated Resources

Our team of dedicated and skilled employees will be working only on your project. Moreover, you will attain a 100% ownership of your source code.

  • Smooth Communication

We use advanced communication techniques to make sure of easy communication establishment. Also, you will be able to get each minute’s activity with cloud-based project management.

  • Extended Software Protection

With our plan for extended software protection, we provide support for after-delivery. We make sure that your software always runs smoothly.

  • No Initiation/Maintenance Cost

We don’t charge any initiation or maintenance cost, thus, you get the best of both worlds when you work with Tecorb Technologies; minimum price and maximum quality.

  • Dedicated Account Manager for Project

We depute dedicated Account managers as your single point of contact during the entire project to ensure easy communication.

TecOrb is a one of the reputed Mobile app Development Company prioritizing on developing intuitive mobile apps. Our few recommended application solutions are taxi app development solution, grocery delivery application, food ordering application, and OTT video streaming app etc. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our application services. We have a tech qualified team of developers, who work around our customer’s need and requirements and serve them the best system solutions by testing applications on real devices emulators, and simulators.

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