December 2, 2022

How Android App Development will help businesses to flourish in 2023?

December 2, 2022

How Android App Development will help businesses to flourish in 2023?

Finally, 2022 is near to end and businesses are still recovering in this post-pandemic scenario.  Thanks to Digital Technologies that gave a ray of hope to worldwide businesses during the pandemic time- enablement to remote work. Due to digital-first technologies businesses and organizations continues their work from remote areas by transitioning to cloud-based cross-platform and mobile-first solutions. 

Tech industry leaders are being driven to introduce improvements in mobile technologies by the fast-rising acceptance rate of digital-first enterprise mobility solutions. It unlocks many opportunities for entrepreneurs to spark market competition in the future. 

Businesses should consider switching to mobile-first software solutions, especially in today's world where users prefer to click on mobile devices for any services and products rather than using the traditional systems.

Let's wait and watch what innovations the rapidly expanding IT mobility trends will bring in the next year 2023, and beyond.

Why does it have to be Android App Development

The continuous increase in demand for mobile tech solutions has shown a massive acceleration in the mobile app development market. According to a study, there is around 0.3-0.6 billion growth in smartphone userbase each year since the smartphone evolution. 

In 2016, there were 3.6 billion smartphone users which rises to 6.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach 7 billion by 2027. This is clearly evident that there is a rise of 10.4% in smartphone user growth annually. 

massive acceleration in the mobile app development market

When we talk about Android and iOS mobile phones, then indeed without any doubt Android users dominate the market with 72.2% of the global market share.

When we talk about Android and iOS mobile phones, then indeed without any doubt Android users dominate the market with 72.2% of the global market share.

How Android app development is important for startup businesses in 2023?

Almost 80% of internet users interact online via smartphones and they find it convenient to search for anything anywhere just by tapping their phone screen rather than suffering websites on desktops or laptops. Seeing this extensive interest of users, online businesses are making a smart move by shifting from websites to mobile applications for outcomes. 

We have seen above that mobile phone users increase by 10% every year and the android market dominates the mobile app market offering the best features for users. So, here the question arises "How Android app development is important for startup businesses in 2023" Let's check it out 

The major business advantage that startups will enjoy in 2023.

  • Abundance of opportunities

Millions of android apps are downloaded every day across the world. This stipulates the popularity of android applications among users to fulfill their necessities. Most businesses prefer to hire dedicated development team to build apps customized to their needs and requirements. If startup companies focus on the right resources and use android to its fullest capability then there are unlimited opportunities in the market to be catered to. 

  • Higher ROI

Being an open-source platform, developers get free access to SDK and development tools. Aside from this, there are many experienced android app developers are available in the market with improved skills. Start-up companies must make an investment in skilled resources and app marketing. In return, the app has a great possibility of producing ROI.

  • Higher Productivity

There are large numerous code libraries available for android app development that developers can use to save time and cost. The pre-written scripts save a tonne of time to develop a specific feature from scratch. Thus mobile app developers work more efficiently to release apps to the market.

  • Feature-rich Applications

The framework for developing Android apps allows streamlined in-house customization to make the app dynamic and satisfy business requirements. Therefore a mobile app can be made dynamic and feature-rich due to the availability of development tools and open-source code libraries. The more advanced features an app offers in addition to the user-friendly design, the more customer prefer to download the same. 

  • Open app distribution globally

Android apps are bought and sold by the biggest open market in the world-Google play. The total app downloaded from the Google play store crossed 1 million in 2021. It enables you to control, how to publish the app and to do it as frequently and when necessary. You can easily customize the publishing part of an app to a particular target market or to the entire world. It lets you decide whether the apps should be given away for free or charged for. Since you have full control to market your app, It is simple to run your business in your own style. 

  • Multiple marketing channels

Android apps have advantages over iOS in that they are not only limited to submitting their mobile applications on the Google play store.  An android app developer can submit apps on different third-party platforms after complete verification. It implies that users have a variety of ways to access the software.

  • Brand Recognition and expansion

Mobile applications quickly enhance brand image. You're probably wondering how a mobile app can identify a brand.

To answer your question, when a user downloads your app, it indicates that they have high expectations from it. Offer them what they are looking for instead of providing them with irrelevant information.

On the other hand, every company strives to be the best in its niche market.  Additionally, having an Android mobile app might help your business get noticed by customers. Furthermore, if you provide mobile app solutions, you can keep a large number of consumers. Consequently, a mobile app aids in brand recognition with increased profit.

  • Direct Marketing

Effective marketing is crucial to growing your business.  The use of technology has increased significantly. This helps us forget about all the old marketing strategies and marketing. You don't need to hire a salesperson to promote your company.

We are in 2022- A digital era, Now Android mobile apps can promote your company.

Through the mobile app, you may send promotional offers and discounts to your clients. This will assist in acquiring customers' attention.

Major business advantage that startups will enjoy in 2023

Wrapping words

Lastly, we can conclude that the android app will continue to lead and help businesses to flourish in 2023. With increasing adoption rates toward mobility, the android app development company will skyrocket in the coming years. The amalgamation of mobile apps and web 3.0 technologies will transform the paradigm of the mobile app industry in terms of performance, user experience, and security. 

Want to know more about the android OS market and its development? Contact us, a leading android app development company to get an expert consultation for your mobile app development query.

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