January 24, 2022

How build an app like CoinSwitch Kuber?

January 24, 2022

How build an app like CoinSwitch Kuber?

In recent times, people have gone gaga over Cryptocurrency and it is going to be the same for the upcoming years. To explain in simpler words, the market of Cryptocurrency is developing fast. Moreover, it is now ruling the world with its provided features and benefits. The newly launched cryptocurrency makes use of ultra-modern features and technology to provide unimaginable benefits.

Many business owners like you are looking forward to creating a cryptocurrency exchange app like CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, or WazirX. This article will help you know all the things you need to about developing an app like CoinSwitch. Additionally, this article will lay down all the must-have features, functionalities, benefits that your app must include.

Important Features Provided by Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps like CoinSwitch Kuber

Without any doubt, there are a lot of features included in an app like CoinSwitch. Here are some of such features.

·         Smooth Processing of Payments

The app users can experience smooth processing while transacting. Additionally, they don’t even have to pay high charges for it. The features are available for both businesses and customers. In the case of receiving and submitting the payment, it can be done within a few seconds without paying any fees. It paves way for higher revenue for the businesses. As a result, this revenue can be used in expansions, funding operations, and more. Moreover, fast transactions attract more customers.

·         Online Payments

The app users can make all the payments online. However, other methods are good but they might charge some fees. Business owners can have all the control over every transaction through these apps. It is the most convenient way for the users as well.

·         Secure and Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

The feature of cloud storage helps businesses get an effective way to collect data with appropriate charges and proper security.

·         Lesser possibility of Frauds

Using credit cards and other banking systems can cause an increased possibility of fraud. However, with cryptocurrency, there is a lesser possibility of frauds and scams.

·         Nifty Capital Raising

Integration of Blockchain technology into crypto exchange solutions can prove very helpful. It gives your business an alternative and an effective way of raising a higher capital through ITOs, known as Initial Token Offerings. Potential investors can use ITOs that has an equivalent value of revenue share in the business.

Features You Must Add To Your CryptoCurrency App

The cost to develop an app like CoinSwitch Kuber depends on the number and kind of features you decide to add to it. However, to stay ahead of the competition, it is significant to include ultra-modern and important features required by users.


·         User Profile

To use a crypto exchange platform, the users must register on the app. This feature should include sign-up through name, email, contact number. On the other hand, they can also have the option of linking it to other social media platforms.

·         Account Management

Once the signup is done, users can then start selling and buying bitcoins. Other features like important information required and the total number of accessible bitcoins can also be accessed by the users.

·         Secure Payments

Blockchain technology is integrated into the crypto exchange platforms to give secure payment methods while transacting financially. Under this, there are lesser chances of fraud and scams. Using these features, users can also have a look at the total bitcoins sold, the amount to be sent, and the exchange rate.

·         Attractive and Interactive User Interface

A Crypto exchange app needs to have an attractive User Interface design so that it can provide users with a unique experience. The crypto exchange app must have smooth usage by alleviating the app or software complexity. Using this feature, users will be allowed to create orders, look at transaction history, swift withdrawals, explore the dashboard activities, and more.

·         Trading Engine

Without any doubt, we can state that the trade engine is the foundation for any cryptocurrency exchange platform. Thus, it plays a significant role in the functionality of the platform.

·         Regular Updates

This feature is one of the major advantages that help in keeping all the users updated about the prices of cryptocurrencies. As a result, users can have a look at the prices and trade the currency accordingly. The currency exchange applications can help the users get a distinct graph to inform them about the increased or decreased prices. This allows them to access the past and current data in one place.

·         Balance Transactions and History

Your app must allow its users to know details about past balances and transactions. Additionally, this app can help users to get information about their transactions and previous activity track.

·         Real-Time Notifications

Without any doubt, this is the most useful feature for these users. This is because this feature informs the users about the important deals, offers, and other schemes so that they do not miss out on important updates. Moreover, these notifications can help the users to decide whether to buy or sell different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and more.

·         Conversion Rate

It is very important to include this feature in your cryptocurrency exchange app. Businesspersons work around the globe. Thus, they will need to convert the currency to a local currency from where they are operating. As a result, this feature helps the users to make the currency converting procedure simple and fast.


·         System and User Wallet Management

Many kinds of wallets are provided to users by the admin. These wallets include mobile and desktop, multiple currency wallets, and more.

·         Setting Modification

This feature includes adding all the data relevant to the cryptocurrencies including maximum and minimum transferred amount and current price. Additionally, this information can also be altered by the admin.

·         Withdrawals and Deposits Management

The admin is always able to see all the deposits and withdrawals made by the users. Additionally, it is important to do account verification to make sure no fraudsters enter the platform.

·         Content Analysis & Management

Using this feature, the admin is allowed to handle the static content and pages including privacy policies, contact forms, FAQs, terms and conditions, and more.


It is fact that if a business person decides to go by the trend, they can never fail. Such example is the cryptocurrency industry. A lot of businesses have benefitted in the recent time in this industry.

Thus, Tecorb can help you as well create a successful cryptocurrency exchange app just like CoinSwitch Kuber. Reach out to us today for the app development services.

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