How Google Play search works (ASO: App Store Optimization)

It’s understanding, how the Google play Store work, like what people are trying to search or speak to find apps as per there current need and to place apps in best search options based on  the target user base, keywords, localization, etc.

In easy words : ASO is the process of increasing an app or game’s visibility in an Google play Store, with the objective of increasing organic app downloads.

Points to take care on

1. App name (50)

2. App promotional text/Short Description on Android (80)

3. Long description (4000)

4. What’s new

5. Seller name

6. App icon

7. Screenshots

8. App preview video

9. App reviews & ratings

App Title (50)

Title should be unique, name with keywords, avoid common terms.

Title is the first and one of the most important App Store Optimization on-metadata factors, because it has an effect on both search results and conversion rate to install.

Avoid using subtle misspellings of general terms, as users may end up correcting misspelled search terms.

A few examples of an optimized Title:

  • Brand title– Keyword(s)
  • Brand title: Keyword(s)
  • Keyword(s) – Brand title
  • Keyword(s): Brand title

App promotional text/Short Description on Android (80):

It’s one-line description of app experience and working.

Try to keep the balance and provide a clear description, including some of your main keywords that you want to rank for.

Example :

  • Combination of short and long keywords example app.

Long description (4000):

Google’s search engine crawl/scrap app descriptions, and uses the keywords that it has found (mainly in the first and last 5 lines of text).

We have 4.000 characters (and to use as much as possible) to include as many keywords(long and short) and their combinations as possible. Use your most important ones a few times, especially in the first and the last lines of text, but please – no stuffing.

*It is not only penalized by Google, but will also have a negative effect on the users and discourage them from trying your app.

What’s new:

Appstore also take keywords from what’s new points added at time of build update.

Seller name:

Seller name Is also important to have company title with keywords, this will increase to have more search terms.

Yes google take this as keywords and help app to show on search results.

Developer Name: Keyword1, Keyword2

App icon:

App icons, images, and screenshots help make app stand out in search results.

For publishing a store listing on Google Play Store, you need a high-resolution image for your icon. These are Google’s requirements for icon:

  • 32-bit PNG (with alpha)
  • Dimensions: 512px by 512px
  • Maximum file size: 1024KB

An icon plays directly affects click-through rate (how many users visit your listing after seeing a preview in Search / Top Charts), and of course, conversion rate (how many users will download the application after visiting listing).


Like other graphic elements (Icon and videos) of listing, screenshots are also responsible for Conversion Rate.

Make sure to showcase best features (main features) on the first two screenshots.

On Google Play Store we can add up to 8 screenshots, with a minimum of 2 (but never stop on 2) and has the following requirements:

  • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
  • Minimum dimension: 320px
  • Maximum dimension: 3840px
  • The maximum dimension of your screenshot can’t be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension

App preview video:

Video is very powerful marketing tool, To add a video, just paste the YouTube URL in the “Promo video” field on your Google Play Store listing. Keep in mind these requirements:

  • Make sure to use an individual video’s YouTube URL, not a YouTube playlist or channel URL
  • Don’t use an age-restricted video as your promo video

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