December 1, 2020

How to Develop Taxi Booking App Like Uber, Ola, Lyft, Careem, and Grab

December 1, 2020

How to Develop Taxi Booking App Like Uber, Ola, Lyft, Careem, and Grab

How To Develop Taxi App: The question might seem simple, however, a taxi app development is not a cup of cake. And ironically, the whole motive for developing a taxi application is to make moving from one place to another a cup of cake. 

On-demand taxi app development, in the current times, is all the rage. It may seems to you like an overstatement but bear with us, even you will agree with us after we give an explanation on this. Most of the people, especially in metropolitan cities do not like stepping on to the streets and wait to hail a cab, after encountering countless rejections as the taxi cabs fly by. This is a big moral degrader and a huge time waste. Millenials, these days, try their best to save their time where they can, and of course, your customers are no different from that.

You are targeting the similar customer pool and aiming to providing them a solution that they have been longing for. An all-in-one cab app can work wonders for your potential customers can provide them a solution of getting a taxi waiting at their doorstep whenever they want.

If you have an offline taxi booking business and you wish to expand its horizons or you are just starting a new taxi booking business, you will require a platform where you can reach more and more people with your services. This is where Taxi booking app development comes into picture.

Steps For How To Develop Taxi App For Cab Booking

  • Select the user friendly app design
  • Customize it for better user experience.
  • Add features as per you want to give services to your customers
  • Make your own Taxi App without coding.
  • Lunch your taxi booking app on those countries where you want to do business.
  • And time to grow your taxi business with mobile app.

For the most of us, getting a cab or taxi when you desperately need it seems like the toughest job sometimes. Many a times it happens that either you don’t find a taxi on time or they are overcharging you and there is no one you can complain to! 

To solve this problem, taxi booking apps came into picture. Existing apps like Uber, Ola, Lyft, Careem, and Grab took this opportunity through the roof and provided the best taxi booking services to its users.

Following article will help you in Uber clone app development.

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Benefits of Make Your Own Taxi App For Taxi Business

Either you are already in the taxi booking business or you are seeking to get into this business. You must have come across one question, why would you want to create a taxi booking app for your customers at this stage? It is of course a valid question. 

Today’s market is revolutionizing its ways in terms of how the taxi mobile solutions work. Thus, to keep up with the changes and experience a higher user engagement and retention rate, you need to have your own on-demand taxi booking app.

Types of Taxi Booking Apps

Before creating a cab booking application of your own, it is important to gain every knowledge necessary about this business. Here we are discussing the two major types of taxi or cab booking apps.

Taxi Booking App (An extension to your existing taxi business)

A plethora of different types of cab booking applications are introduced into the market every day. However, there is one type of application that is most suitable for the business who are already into the business of providing taxi services and have their own fleet of vehicles and drivers.

When a business like this decides to develop a taxi booking app, their sole motive is to provide an easier way to the customers to book a ride and to broaden their horizon of client base. Development of app for such a business also works as a great help and comfort for the drivers as well.

Under such condition, the business will require a server that will be eligible to handle multiple user requests and will ensure that the cabs are delivered to the mentioned location as soon as possible.

Independent Taxi App

If you own a business which is a start-up in the taxi service providing business, there is a definite chance that you don’t have a plethora of vehicles. For a business like this, an Uber clone cab booking application can work the bet for you. This is an app where you provide a platform where the both customers and drivers can meet and complete the transaction. 

Under this model, you get a percentage of service value from the drivers. Here is how this model works.

Through the GPS in the mobile, the server identifies the location of the customer who is trying to book a cab. The server then notifies the nearest driver who has registered on the app. The driver reaches the location and the rider can hail the taxi and go where they wish to.

How can you compete with the existing taxi service providers in the market?

This a bitter fact that we all have to gulp that there are a number of business in this business that are already running immensely good in providing the best taxi services to their user. So how are you planning to make your place significant in this market? 

To help here there are a few ways in which you can make your place significantly in this industry and compete with the leading service providers.

Offer a Unique Value Proposition

While developing your own taxi service providing app, you need to make sure that your app is attractive for both riders and drivers. To make sure of that, you need find your own unique value proposition for both the users. Here are a few examples of the same:

In case of the customers, you need to make sure that the riders are motivated to use your applications. Tis can be possible by offering them something that your competitors are not. This might include:

  • Option for tracking the driver arriving the rider’s location
  • Discounts on certain occasions
  • A fixed price for common visited destinations by the rider
  • An in-app payment gateway for safe and secure cashless transactions

In case of the drivers, your focus must be on attracting more and more drivers on your app so that you have enough options of rides available for the users. The unique value propositions for the drivers can include:

  • Insurance for vehicles and drivers
  • Option of earning more during the peak hours
  • Low investments on registering with the app
  • Flexible working hours
  • Easy procedure for payment receiving

Must-have features for the rider taxi app

  • An option of tracking nearby drivers: this works as a great feature because once the rider has booked a cab, all they can do is to wait for it to arrive. In that time, it will be a great help if they can track where exactly their ride is and then estimate the time it can take to reach your location.
  • Ability to set the pickup location without actually have to type the location: This feature can provide an added ease for the riders which in turn increases the possibility of the users coming back to your application in the future.
  • Ability to see the basic and relevant information about the driver. This can include their name, photo, contact information, rating, car type, car number, and estimated time of arriving
  • A pop-up notification when the taxi arrives the rider’s location
  • A liberty of selecting the car type: the riders must be able to choose among the different types of cars available and they can select when suits the best. It is a provided fact that the amount charged will vary from the type of vehicle selected by the rider
  • Sharing fare among different riders: There must be an option for the rider to split the fare with the other passengers in the vehicle. This feature is a great choice for the passengers headed to the same direction
  • Ability to mark some addresses as favourite so that the riders can select them conveniently in the future.

Must have features for the driver taxi app

  • Option of locating the rider on map: this can help the driver in knowing the exact location of the rider and they can reach them in time, without any extra minute spent.
  • Ability to see the basic and relevant information about the driver. This can include their name, photo (optional), contact information, rating, and the number of passengers.
  • A pop-up notification whenever a rider books a cab service
  • An option and liberty to accept or deny the requests sent by the server
  • The drivers must have an option of either going online (when they are ready to accept requests) or offline (when they are not working). The online mode will help the riders locate the driver on the app. On the other hand, offline mode helps the driver to hide themselves from being tracked on the server map.
  • An option to optimize the route they are going to opt for while moving the rider from one place to another.

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