December 23, 2020

How to Find The Best Application Development Company

December 23, 2020

How to Find The Best Application Development Company

If you are having a business idea, and you want to get it developed by a team of developers or a development partner, here are some of the points to look at before finding the right development partner for your product. First, finalize the idea of the business that what exactly you are investing for? Once the idea is set, budget and user base are the second thing you need to look for. Now it time to start searching for the right development partner as your business idea is finalized.

In this world of growing technology, a skilled development team can ensure the tech stack you use in your daily business activities can help you succeed. When it comes to app development or web development, you need someone who can create a solution for your business idea that meets the needs of your target customers and helps you achieve your business goals. As we know it all depends on the business requirements and unique features to reach out to a development company, but the following tips will help you narrow down the list and find the right development partner that perfectly fits your business.

Why you are looking for a development partner?

This question is particularly important to clarify what responsibility and work areas of the development partner will be. Are you looking for someone who can handle front-end development or back-end development? Perhaps someone who can effectively do both?

Are you looking for professionals who can also cover all the project management and business analysis tasks?

Listing your goals and business objectives will help you to finalize the basic requirement and then choose or start looking for development partner as per your business needs. So, put everything on paper and carefully assess all the goals before proceeding with your search.

Evaluating experience for your product

Now that you have a better understanding of the services you need from a development partner, you can begin researching potential candidates with the right experience to help build your solution.

Evaluate case studies and other materials detailing projects that your prospective partners have done. Bonus points for direct industry experience – if they have business leaders or development teams with previous understanding of your business, your services, and your clients, they will be better suited to know how to help solve the problems you face. Next, talk to people at your prospective companies; however, don’t just limit it to the sales team. Talk to the development team, leaders, and others at each company to give you the best and most accurate picture of how they work to help, support, and delight their partners.

Ultimately, you want to choose a partner with the right experience to help you achieve your goals. Avoid choosing a company just because they work with trendy technologies or because they list tons of services on their website. The length of time they have been in business can be important, but the length of time they have worked with their own clients can be more telling of the level of expertise they provide.

Check for pricing

You might not get all the features that you want up front, but the best partner should be able to help you craft a plan for your solution build. They can help decide which features you need today, and which should include feedback from your users and clients for inclusion in a future release. Your selected development company should support the full vision for your product and be able to focus on partnering with you and your team for the long term. They should have the confidence in their development skills to architect, build, and evolve the solution with your team to scale for your growth.

Check Testimonials & Success Stories

Just like reviews, testimonials can help you gain a clearer picture of how a particular company operates and serves its customers.

Testimonials are either written or spoken statements about an organization and its products or services. As such, you can rely on their authenticity and transparency. There’s rarely anything that can give you more insight into a company than its previous and current customers.

Also, ask the development partner the contacts of their current / previous clients and get on the phone with them. That way you can ask deep questions and get to know how it’s like working with this vendor as in payment gateway or third-party APIs.

Assess Expertise

The development company you choose for a long-term partnership must be able to cater to your customers’ needs. It must pack the right expertise to develop software that will meet the needs of your target users.

Your development partner should also have proper business expertise. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have a clue how to help you achieve your business goals.

Of course, if they’ll be responsible only for software development, you need them to have excellent skills for that. But if they are going to be your long-term partner, you need them to have proper business skills and experience in your industry.


Check your potential development partner’s experience and expertise is to explore their portfolio. Look for their previous cases and dive into every little detail that will showcase how they work, and what makes them different.

Their portfolio will show you how a particular app and web development company has solved various challenges that they previously encountered. They will show you what solutions and features they implemented, what tests they used to make sure everything ran smoothly, and how they managed to create great user experiences.

Perhaps someone from their case studies is still their partner, so you can even learn more about how they operate in ongoing business relationships.

Company’s work on professional community

It good to know more about a company you are thinking for partnership. You should check their profiles on professional communities like Dribble, Behance and GitHub. Many people check freelancer’s Dribble and GitHub profiles before hiring them. It is good to check a company’s profile before choosing it as a business partner. A well-established presence with high ranking shows the company’s willingness to invest in open-source projects. The company encourages its developers as well as designers to work for the benefit of the community, which infers that it will have a stable, long term presence on the market. Moreover, the company has provided the option to check the quality of their code.

Ensure Alignment

If you are sure that you can work well together with the searched development partner. Think about, can you work well together? Will you be able to form a collaborative team to build a strong solution that provides the business value you need?

If you can say that you genuinely like the people you’ve interacted with at a company, that’s a good sign. Psychologically, we tend to like those that are similar to us. Do you have the same values and philosophy? If your new partner prioritizes and rewards something you don’t find valuable, your business could have a problem. Do you both agree on the services, features, and support your product needs? Do you fully understand their expectations of you as a client? You want to ensure you do your share of the work to help your software solution get built and launched successfully. Be sure that you’re aligned in your vision for all aspects of the project, including the process and the end result.

Transparency while communicating

Communication is key to any successful partnership, especially when it comes to developing a software solution. If there’s poor communication between you and your chosen partner, how will you ever get on the same page?

It’s essential to remember that excellent communication equals transparency. You need to be able to talk with the entire team you hire about all details related to your projects. Both of you need to be fully transparent regarding the development process and communicate openly and honestly.

You need to make sure there are absolutely no language barriers so that you can understand one another correctly. If you choose someone from another country, make sure they have excellent English language skills.

Look for value that company can provide

It is seen that our choices depend on the price of the thing – be it product or the company. But here, while choosing your development partner you should look for the value that the company provides. 

Some companies might provide their services at cheaper rates, but they compromise with the quality. While the ones with higher rates provide quality services. You never know exactly which one to choose. What if you choose the one with higher rates and end up getting services of poor quality? Or if you choose the one with cheaper rates turn out very well.  

You should do a thorough research analysing case studies, talking to the previous clients, interviewing the developers etc. 

Company’s culture is important

It is advisable to learn as much as possible about the company – their ethics, goals and expectations. Knowing about the company’s culture will help you in choosing a reliable software development partner. 

You should know about the values that company offers and how it behaves in the work environment. You should choose a team of dedicated and passionate professionals. They should be equally committed as you are towards achieving your objectives.

They should be able to openly share their knowledge with you to find the best solution for your software.

There are numerous development companies and with the growing technologies it will thrive more. Ideating an application or product and bring it to life is easier than it was ever before. This guide for finding the best development partner for your product.

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