March 17, 2023

Title: Get an app like Rewind: Music Time Travel

March 17, 2023

Title: Get an app like Rewind: Music Time Travel

The demand for unlimited high-quality audio is undeniably increasing, and streaming services are taking the most advantage of it. The global music streaming industry is expected to grow by 5.14% in the next five years. It is hoping to reach above the $18 billion market volume in 2027. It's no surprise that this marketplace is thriving. Music streaming apps have become the preferred method of listening to any tune, at any time, and from any location without downloading files.

It not only advanced the type and quantity of media we consume, but it also introduced entirely new business models to the market. Still, there is plenty of room for another excellent music streaming app.

The one such app that is making a splash and is a buzzword in the music industry is “Rewind: Music Time Travel” - an app that allows you to music time travel in past decades. Ever thought about What would happen if you opened your fave music app in 1991? Or 1965? What are the most popular songs at the time? Who are the leading performers and rising stars? What events influenced the future of music? Live in the late 1960s, when psychedelic music was gaining popularity, or the late 1970s when Punk and Disco dominated the masses. Rewind provides a new way to discover new old music based on historical periods with a touch of nostalgia.

Creating a music app like Rewind that stands out, is profitable, and is successful requires a lot of effort and strategic planning. In this blog post, we'll go discuss how to develop an app like Rewind by covering important elements such as features, user experience, and more. Let's get started.

What is a Rewind App?

Rewind is a concept app that allows music fans to explore all the best songs from five decades of music. With the aim of delivering nostalgic music experiences, Rewind allows you to time travel back to your favorite era of music (from 1960 to 2010) and learn about how older songs have influenced today's hits.

How does a Rewind App work?

You can listen to music and watch videos from any year. Play 30-second previews to find the music you may have missed over the years. All content is linked to TIDAL, where you can listen to your beloved music. Not only that but "Weekly Discovery" celebrates the anniversaries of important albums. Every week, you get a stack of records to go through. And in "Music Quest," you get to travel back in time to find a lost album through a sequence of clues.

Rewind App: A brief history

The app was created in December 2022 by Ziad Al Halabi who is a mobile app developer in an audio streaming service company TIDAL. In an interview, he said he likes working on music apps, and he previously launched Backtrackit, an audio player for musicians that has over 2 million installs.


  • Billboard charts
  • Top albums
  • Video clips
  • Weekly album anniversaries
  • Music Quest
  • News from that year
  • Iconic movie soundtracks
  • Grammy nominees
  • New releases
  • Slick UI

How to develop an app like Rewind?

Got a great idea for a new music streaming app like Rewind? Don’t hang around, it’s easy, fast, and costs much less than you’d think with us. Build your own cloud-based audio and video libraries app like Rewind for iOS and Android.

Developing an app like Rewind to gain huge popularity, involves the following steps.

1. Complete understanding of the app model.

Before starting anything, we must have a clear idea about what you are going to develop. Although developers will going o create an app for you, you also must have clear standing of the app model you intend to develop.

2. Conduct thorough research

Conduct thorough research about the music industry, the demand for particular apps, their features, and the market competitors. You should be well aware that are many competitors in the market who are striving for the same thing. Focus on providing some unique and superior services to overshadow the competitors.

3. Hire an app development team

Your app development team will play a vital role in the development of the rewind-like app. Make sure that the app development team you have hired is technically skilled and dedicated and provides all the solutions under one roof.

4. Analyze the prototype

Your app development team will give you the prototype of your app. The prototype of the app acts as its template. Suggest changes, add or eliminate requirements-based features, and clear up any confusion. In terms of time and money, making changes may not be feasible after the prototype has been authorized.

5. Quality Analysis

To remove bugs, test your app several times. Remove as many bugs as possible from your rewind-like app to offer a better user experience to all music enthusiasts.

6. Release and promote the app

Once you're satisfied with the application's quality, launch it to the appropriate network (App Store, Google Play Store, or both). Users must now be notified about the availability of your app. So, conduct promotional campaigns, use social media and digital marketing, and inform people about the app. Remember that more marketing means better results.

How much does it cost to build a music app like Rewind?

The development cost of a music app like Rewind depends on a lot of factors which include:

  • Web Hosting
  • Storage
  • Backend Development and Technology
  • Designing

What are the business opportunities with developing an app like Rewind?

It is obvious that music apps have a lucrative and inventive business possibility. But, before you start looking for a music streaming app developer, you should understand the gist of their business plan, including their revenue model, because the bottom line of any company is to monetize their services. Learn how can you go beyond and make money by developing a music streaming app like Rewind.

Music streaming businesses take a different approach. Almost every music app has a free and paid version. You can also adopt this approach. Let's know, how.

Free Version

All the songs are accessible for the user to stream indefinitely, but there are jingle advertisements that appear on the player at regular intervals. Companies can advertise to a big audience, and the music app can make revenue from those ads.

Paid Version

Ads ruin any listener's audio experience. Users are given the opportunity to upgrade their player on a subscription basis which removes any ads on the app. In this instance, the consumer receives a unified music experience, while the app earns money through subscriptions.

How will Tecorb Technologies help in developing a Rewind-like app?

Do you also want to develop an app like Rewind? If yes then Tecorb Technologies is your one-stop destination. Having experience of 9+ years, Tecorb Technologies have a hands-on experience in project development of different niches for national and international clients. Our strong app development fundamentals guarantee the installation of essential privacy and security features while adhering to play store and app store policies. We also provide free 3-Months post-deployment maintenance coverage to the clients.

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