January 19, 2022

Why Does Your App Need an MVP?

January 19, 2022

Why Does Your App Need an MVP?

At every level in our life, we use mobile applications. Thus, mobile apps have shifted an invaluable part of our everyday lives. We require apps at all points, from reserving a taxi to placing food orders to getting treated. Many individual businesses are changing their attention towards mobile apps to gain a larger audience and enhance their online presence.

Many of these businesses don’t have any idea of how a mobile app is developed. Still, they must know a few important terms like MVP. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. Thus, they always enter the market with a fledged app with numerous characteristics. But it is not the finished product to enter a business. This is where the MVP variant of the app came into the picture. 

It is every businessperson’s concern to know if their app will be thriving in the market or not. Thus, to mitigate the dangers that are integrated with the mobile app, they must create an MVP mobile app to get an idea of the user’s viewpoint. Additionally, they get to know about the market validation for their mobile app plan.

Creating an MVP version of the app will help the business owners to tap the weaknesses of their application. As a result, they get an opportunity to update it as per the feedback collected from the users.

Definition of MVP

The Minimum Viable Product has proved to be a great asset for business enterprises. It lets the developers test the app idea with the customers and get real-time results. This phenomenon is also considered the base architecture of any mobile app.

With the MVP version of an app, you can get a gist of the app including the needed features only. For the business operations that control the functionality and productiveness of the app, this feature is considered a profitable asset.

Thus, to create an MVP version of a mobile app, the mobile app development team must concentrate on the fundamental features and functionalities.

Firstly, the mobile app development team receives feedback from the potential users. As a result, they can make out what the response of the product is in the market. This process helps to analyze what are the specific segments that need improvement and where there is a scope of improvement in the performance.

The app owners have a choice of releasing the MVP to set many targeted audiences. However, they also have a choice of launching the app directly into the market. In case the users are not pleased with the features, you get to know that there is something wrong with the application idea and it requires to be refurbished.

Next, it is very important to understand the advantages of the MVP since it is the initial product obtained by your target audiences. Thus, let us get to know about further benefits of the MVP version of the Mobile App.

Benefits of having MVP

·         Affordable Development Cost

Once you create an MVP, the main focus becomes the app services. The development team can then work on incorporating specialties while using minimum development cost. This is the reason why MVP only has fundamental features and not exceptional ones. Every company, especially start-ups, gains a lot of advantages by creating an MVP.

·         Better App Security

Users nowadays are very skeptical of their data protection. They do not just go for app characteristics, but they also need to know if the app will secure their privacy and protect their data. Be it about personal data or online transactions, users need protection and direction about every character. Through the MVP version of the app, the mobile app development company will be able to find out the protection loopholes in the app and fix them as soon as possible.

·         Ways To Test The User Opinion

Before starting with the process of mobile app development, every business owner has an uncertainty of whether their app will be victorious in the market or not. Thus, to understand the market condition and get cleared of this predicament, the business owners must go for the MVP variant of an app. In return, this variant helps them to identify the contents given to the sample customers. Creating MVP is the most effortless method to test the market and get a clarification. Additionally, it also helps in understanding how the users are obtaining it helpful.

·         Launch Updated Version

Moreover, once you get feedback from the customers, the business owner can finally check if the MVP version is good enough to satisfy the user’s expectations. In case the app does not perform well in the market and does not gain market attention, it is a sign for the business owner to re-assess the whole app concept. It must not even continue with the mobile development method. You need to redevelop a better variant of the app.

Case Studies of Popular Apps with Great MVP Success

We did research and came across many examples where a successful MVP launch helped in immensely popularizing the mobile apps. Here are a few of such examples.


Uber is a cab booking application app. It also started its starting journey with the MVP variant. In the initial version, the main focus of Uber was to establish a good connection between the drivers and the users. Additionally, they added the facility of credit card payments.

However, the MVP version got a huge response and it is now a billion-dollar business with numerous advanced features.


Next, we have Instagram which is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps with the largest number of users. In its MVP version, the users had a very limited number of filters while sharing the pictures.

Additionally, at that point, the market was flooded with better photo editing apps. However, the app started gaining the impetus and added Unique Value Proposition (UVP). It allows the users to edit and share pictures at the same time.

Moreover, it has started offering support for video content and added new filters. It also provides the option of direct messaging.


The story of Facebook is very interesting. This social media platform was first introduced by Mark Zuckerberg for the students of Harvard University. Through this platform, University students could access the directory. Later, this platform expanded itself to other colleges and universities.

The initial version of Facebook had one profile page with an option of sending a friend request and messaging. However, it now provides several new features which and newer ones are added at regular intervals.


We hope that this article helped you understand the features of MVP and how it is necessary for mobile apps. At Tecorb, we help you create a sample app for your business. For further details, contact us today to get your mobile app development started.

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