December 9, 2022

Why React Js is the preferred framework for startup businesses?

December 9, 2022

Why React Js is the preferred framework for startup businesses?

Why React Js app development is quickly becoming the preferred framework for startup businesses? It is quite evident that the frontend development ecosystem evolving persistently. New technology, tools, and frameworks are continuously released with the latest features and libraries. The vast options for frameworks and libraries make it difficult for developers to find the ideal one for a specific project. 

Earlier Angular was the default choice of developers for startups. However, after the success of giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix which are built on ReactJS, it has increased its popularity among developers and startups for developing their projects. 

Why should we choose ReactJS? Before proceeding further let's know what is React JS. 

What is React JS?  A Quick Overview

React or React js is an open-source, flexible, free, component-based, narrative, and efficient JavaScript framework. It is used to develop interactive user interfaces. React was developed by Facebook (now Meta) to build a fast, simple, and scalable front end of the web application

React has created a buzz since its initial days. It has taken front-end development by storm from starting. According to the report of Build With, over 10 million websites are using React JS at present. 

There must be something remarkable about React JS, that so many businesses are using it. 

Before moving forward to the benefits of React,  let’s see what the statistics say about its success.

React JS- Facts and Figures

  • As per the reports of STATISTA, approx 42% of developers use React JS. Hence it is the most used framework across the globe. 

Most favored framework among developers


  • Reports of NPM Trends insights that React is the most popular JavaScript library with over 15 million package downloads.
  • Stack Overflow insights state that ReactJs is the most favored among 41.4% of professional developers across the world.


Most used framework across the globe

  • State of JavaScript confirms that 85% of developers are satisfied with React JS features. 

Why use React JS? 

React JS is over the head in every competition. It is one of the most popular choices for web frameworks. 

So, what is the reason behind the popularity of React JS and React js app development? Why should we use it? Let's dive into the details and look at the advantages that React JS provides.

React JS - Most preferred framework for startup businesses

Benefits of React JS App Development

  • React.js is Declarative

Declarative DOM (Document Object Model) is one of the prominent benefits of React JS. Apparently, we can say that the UI is adjusted itself when developers change or update the app's state when interacting with DOM. Because of the declarative approach, React JS is easy to follow and the code is easily understandable. That is why it makes it easy to amalgamate people in the team and collaborate on the project.

  • Code reusability

Another remarkable feature of React JS is “Code Reusability”.  Developers can reuse the components and thus reduce their coding time to deliver business-focused apps without compromising the quality. 

  • SEO-Friendliness

As a startup, it is very important for your business to appear in the search result Google. SEO unlocks the key to acquiring more potential prospects. In the past few years, website speed has become more relevant for search engine visibility. Thanks to the lightweight framework React JS that reduces the load time of the page through fast rendering. This parameter has exceptional importance for the SEO friendliness of your React JS app

  • Testing Capacities

Testing capacities are another major advantage of React JS. React JS allow developers to analyze the performance of their app on different devices. Data Tracking and quick debugging are effective approaches in React js app development. It allows developers to do proper testing within your development team. 

  • Community Support

It is comforting to know that the technology you select is community-driven in any business effort. Using React.js has several advantages, including outstanding community support over time. Despite the fact that the framework is maintained by Meta, React has a large development community worldwide. One of the key advantages you should leverage in your project is the accessibility of a massive number of skilled React.js developers across the globe. 

  • Mobile -Friendliness

While project development, you cannot ignore mobile users as they are the foundation of your business success. While considering them, your digital presence should be mobile-friendliness. Using React JS framework, developers can build and release cross-platform apps in a very easy manner. It leads your app to expand its reach. It is a massive advantage of a versatile business project. 

  • Stability

Stability is the prominent factor that defines the functionality and credibility of an app. React JS has the advantage of its stable core that uses a downward data flow. Even when developers shuffle the structure of the app, all other elements remain constant. It allows you to make reclamation in your development process. All these stability benefits altogether make React.js a beneficial choice for a mobile app development company that value user-friendliness and stability above all. 

  • Developer toolkit

React JS has some of the industry's best debugging and designing tools. The browser extension of React JS is " React Developer tools". This extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome and is very easy to download. This React JS extension makes it easy for developers to do coding. React JS developers can monitor the reactive components hierarchies, get their child and parent components and check their current state and props. 

React Developer Tools

  • Improved Development Productivity

Let's take Virtual DOM as another illustration of the many benefits of developing applications with React.js. When working on the application, You can eliminate the heavy foundation procedures and leave only the necessary ones in place. These choices ultimately result in a more focused work scope and enhanced output from your development team.

  • Learning Curve

When compare with JavaScript frameworks, you will find that React is significantly more user-friendly than Vue.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js. One of the numerous advantages of using React.js and choosing this framework for your project is that it has an Accessible learning curve. Since this option is flexible, easy-to-learn, and has strong community support, it is a wonderful way to maintain your project in long run. 

Bottom Line

As of now, we know that React js app development holds a lot of benefits which is far-reaching. When compared to other frameworks such as Angular or Vue.js, React.js stands apart vividly. Cross-platform development features and SEO -friendliness make React.js a strong choice for developing an app from scratch. 

Reactjs framework is quite demanding and worth your attention. 

So, Hire a React js development company today and start your dream project. We'd be happy to provide you with a free consultation for your project. 

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