January 19, 2023

Why Should I Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development Project?

January 19, 2023

Why Should I Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development Project?

​​In this digital technology world, there are endless devices running on various operating systems. That is why business persons who want to expand their services or products to a larger audience realize the need for business applications on different platforms. 

It means that developers have to create an app several times from scratch with different tools and technologies for each platform. Development of the same app several times consumes more time, requires more developers, and thus costs more money. For startups and small businesses, it may be daunting. That's where Native Cross-platform development comes to the rescue.

Cross-platform development implies the building of multiple versions of an app for every platform with the use of a single codebase. The most popular cross-platform frameworks at present are Xamaria, React Native, and Cordova and the newest of them is Flutter. In this blog, we will explain why should you choose flutter app development services for mobile app development projects and how it delivers faster app development.  Let's start with the basics. 

What is Flutter? 

Back in the days, when Java/Kotlin, Objective C, and swift were the primary languages for mobile app development, it was expensive to build apps. It requires to development of two different apps for android and iOS. It means writing code multiple times for making apps for different platforms.

To eliminate this, an array of frameworks have been developed to create cross-platform or hybrid apps in HTML5 and Javascript.  Among several toolkits including Xamarian, React Native, Phonegap, and more, Flutter has quickly become popular among developers, entrepreneurs, and users, and thus the demand for a good Flutter app development company.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform framework with a portable toolkit that is used to build native-like apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter uses Dart programming language and comprises Cupertino and Material design. It enables developers to create an intuitive UI that looks native and behaves naturally on any platform even with a single codebase. 

Flutter is the only framework that provides responsiveness without making use of JavaScript. This Framework integrates easily with diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC. Linux and Google Fuchsia applications. 

According to a survey, 42% of developers use flutter to create mobile applications. The innovative approach of Flutter combines the best features of cross-platform and native development as well. It enables businesses to develop fully functional business focusses apps quickly.  This is the reason that Flutter app development services have become quite popular. 

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What is Flutter used for?

Flutter is one of the best app development solutions for Android and iOS without writing different codebases for each platform. Flutter applications do not need a runtime module or browser. Hence it enables the building of web applications for browsers as well as native apps for windows, macOS, and Linux. These apps' smartphone versions are built specifically for each platform before being released and work as true native apps on Apple and Android smartphones.

Google itself uses Flutter for certain modules of Google Assistance and the user interface of the Google Home hub. Many big giants in the e-commerce industry like eBay, Alibaba Group, and Groupon use Flutter to give a uniform look to their mobile and web apps.


What programming language is Flutter based on?

Flutter is developed by Google and uses Dart programming language.  Its goal is to displace traditional JavaScript. Dart programs can be run directly on the server side, while in browsers they are converted to JavaScript using Dart2js transcompiler.

Flutter, as an open-source framework, has attracted a broad and active community of developers since its release. This community constantly publishes usable code examples and supports developers in creating new, innovative, beautiful cross-platform apps.

Since its release, the open-source framework Flutter has acquired a large and active developer community. This community continuously publishes helpful code samples and supports programmers in making fresh, creative, stunning cross-platform applications. Flutter is a widget-based library which means that you can apply object-oriented programming to any language that you can change or customize widgets in a very easy manner. Aside, it offers UI widgets that adhere to important web application design standards.

What does flutter consist of

Is Flutter worthwhile to create a Business Application?

Flutter is a leading-edge mobile technology in this digital era. Although just like any other innovative technology  Flutter also has some limitations. So, is flutter app development services profitable for your business? Absolutely yes!  The benefits of Flutter overshadow its few drawbacks. 

So if you are planning to start your own venture in 2023, but confuse about choosing which cross-platform open-source framework to create your mobile app, then Flutter is the ideal choice for you.  It also helps in developing feature-rich apps without breaking your budget. 

Benefits of using Flutter App Development. 

To understand why Flutter is beneficial for the development of your business apps, let's dive into the benefits of using Flutter for App development. 

  1. Rich libraries and Business Logic
  2. Native-like Apps 
  3. Hot-reload framework
  4. Own Rendering Engine
  5. High-performing framework
  6. Use of Dart


  • Rich libraries and Business Logic

Flutter uses Skia Graphics Library which is open-source, fast, and mature. The UI is redrawn every moment when the view is changing.  This enables quick loading and smooth running of the app. There is no need for platform-specific UI components to produce UI in Flutter App Development. Flutter only requires a canvas to draw the UI of the application. It offers a clear API to develop UI, which remarkably enhances performance and is noticeable at the time of visual modifications. 

  • Native-like Apps 

Flutter has the best features of native Android languages that connect data to native languages via Platform channels. In most cases, the performance of Flutter apps is indistinguishable from native apps and even better in the case of advanced UI animation. Flutter app development enables fast operations on any platform because it uses Dart programming language. Dart is simple, fast, and can be complied with native code easily. 

  • Hot-reload framework

Flutter framework has the unique feature of Hot-reload. You can make any changes in real-time in a very easy manner in Flutter App development.  The Hot  Reload feature in Flutter allows developers to keep experimenting with the app.   Any updates in the app are instantly notified to both developers and designers. It increases the developer’s productivity and reduces the time required to build a powerful app.  It reduces the overall cost of the app development process. 

  •  Own Rendering Engine

Flutter has its own rendering engine that enables you to do diverse things to your app.  The own rendering engine of Flutter enhances its effectiveness and allows it to launch its UI on any platform. Flutter itself renders in a canvas using Skia graphic library. You don't have to modify the UI to transmit it to a platform, which subsequently simplifies app development. 

  • Best-performing Framework

Flutter is one of the high-performing frameworks. Even when you compare Flutter to native languages, it easily surpasses other cross-platform technologies. Flutter uses a JavaScript bridge to build a screen smoothly and perform seamlessly.  

  • Use of Dart language 

Flutter framework uses Dart programming language to create Apps. Dart is launched by Google in October 2011 and has significantly advanced over the years.  Dart is a front-end development language used to create both web and mobile applications. Its syntax is similar to JavaScript.

Should Startups and small businesses choose Flutter?

Do you know? Flutter holds second place among the top cross-platform frameworks in 2022.  It would be an ideal choice to select Flutter in developing a powerful and cost-effective app for your business even if it's a startup, SME, or big enterprise. 

If you are still unsure about choosing Flutter app development services for your new venture, here are some strong reasons: 

  • Flutter is an open-source framework that results in low-cost development. 
  • It integrates quickly and easily with existing applications.
  • Flutter is very well-compatible with the latest reactive frameworks.
  • It enables developers to adhere to the language, layout, and content while localizing an app based on its geographical location.
  • It offers businesses a wide range of feature-rich, ready-to-use widgets.
  • It is considerably easier to install in your system, faster, and more powerful.

In this fiercely competitive market, where several million businesses spring up every year, it can be difficult to stand out your brand. If you want to create an app for your business without breaking your budget, consider using flutter app development

Flutter Portfolio ImageOur Client's App was built using Flutter

How Tecorb Technologies help your business with the best Flutter App development services

As of now, we know that Flutter is one of the leading and most rapidly evolving technologies nowadays. Flutter is supported by Google which means it has the benefits of outstanding supporting documents and constant evolution. After deciding which type of app you want and what framework to choose ie Flutter, you need a renowned and reliable Flutter app development company. Tecorb Technologies is the prominent flutter app development service provider with the best quality services. 

We are a team of skilled and highly dedicated developers with a strong portfolio of successfully completed projects. Helping you to stand out your product in the market, we constantly work to serve the better. Connect us, and get the best Flutter app development services

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