December 14, 2022

Why use React JS development in 2023? A complete Guide

December 14, 2022

Why use React JS development in 2023? A complete Guide

Quick Summary

In today’s technological environment, the use of React is on boom in the development industry. This blog has enlightened the perks of using React JS for frontend development. This cross-platform framework has a rich developer toolset, quick rendering, and offers simple and SEO-friendly scripting. Thus React js development company is in huge demand by businesses for their digital transformation. 


React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that offers high performance and user-friendliness. Nowadays, React js is a top choice in the mobile and front-end development industry which is only expected to grow in the future.  The main benefits of React JS are rich functionality, modern and useful features, high flexibility, and efficiency. React JS is an ideal choice for both static and dynamic websites. 

According to the research of StackOverflow, React Js is the most famous JavaScript Library in the world. Seeing the huge popularity of React JS, more developers will use it to create web pages. It is great news for its prospects. 

Why use React JS in 2023

Why use React js? 

  • Reusability 

In the development industry, everyone wants to stand ahead of others with unique approaches. However, beyond a time, when project length increases, it will be difficult and hectic to rewrite smaller components again and again. 

A high-end application has thousands of smaller modules. Writing code for each is not possible. Here React gives hand to developers with its component-based architecture. It allows developers to reuse their components throughout product development. Each component has its own set of guidelines that decides how it is to be presented. 

  • Rich Ecosystem of Developers & Tools

This JavaScript library simplifies the whole process of app development - Creating, designing, and developing. React js provide developers with ready-made charts, modules, graphics, and documentation tools that reduce the development time of apps. React JS tools are technically rich and indulge all possible features that must encompass within the application. 

  • Less rendering time with virtual DOM

The main issue that comes to the website performance is updating DOM frequently. This issue is eliminated in React as it uses virtual DOM. In virtual DOM, the changes in view are reflected first. Then an effective diff algorithm compares the present and past status of the virtual DOM. It determines the best way to apply these changes. Changes are finally applied to the DOM to ensure the shortest possible latency to read and write. 

  • Abstraction with Purity

React offers good abstraction. It prevents users to see any complex internals. React does not impose any patterns or architecture. It is only about the view layer. Developers are free to design the app's architecture in any way they want. 

  • Plain & Simple Learning Curve

Due to a lot of time and effort needed to learn new technology, developers restrict themselves from learning that. It does not make any sense to learn a whole new concept when you spend years learning one technology. In contrast, React has an easy-to-learn interface. Learning React js is quite easy irrespective of what technology you have been working on currently. If you have little knowledge of JavaScript, you can learn and work on React very confidently. If your web development company has a javascript developer team, then you can easily embed React in your company's tech stack. 

Why use React js?

Benefits of React JS development 

  • React JS is extremely flexible

React is flexible in nature. It has a tendency to present itself in multiple ways. Website development projects are so big that it becomes very difficult to modify or upgrade them. React comes to the rescue with component-based architecture. It enables the web development code into custom components and provides a solid foundation for the optimization of the development process. 

  • React offers a rich user experience

React JS web development leads to highly testable solutions.

  • React JS increases developers' productivity 

Every developer would love to have some tools that could increase their productivity and efficiency at work. React JS is a library that increases the performance of a ReactJS development company and is generally comparable to Angular in this regard.

  • React JS is SEO friendly

User engagement is the first goal of every web development project. After launching the product, user engagement is important in order to increase brand engagement. React JS uses JavaScript to load pages, and it can easily be crawlable by search engines. 

  • React JS has extensive community support

As ReactJS is an open-source library it always welcomes newcomers to its community. It provides a big foundation on which a developer can depend to learn new technologies or handle a big project. Every React JS development company has this feeling. 

Benefits of React JS

What is React used for? 

  • Single Page Applications

React JS is the ideal choice for Single Page Applications. Single Page Applications are quite popular nowadays. They offer a dynamic way to respond to users' reactions. Websites built with React JS don't require reloading every time when an action is performed. Therefore they provide better performance at low bandwidth. 

  • Large-Scale Objects 

Application development in React JS follows a component-based approach.  It allows several workflows and immense server-side logic.

  • Ecommerce Applications

The design components and navigation tools of React JS are used to build outstanding eCommerce Applications. It helps in improving the performance of eCommerce applications. 

  • IoT Applications 

React JS is ideal for builts IoT apps. Virtual DOM and server-rendering that is designed with the core features of React help in creating IoT apps with high performance. 

  • Static applications that need to be dynamically updated

Some static websites still require updating some content so often. Considering React JS would be the best choice here.

Popular companies Using React JS

  1. Netflix
  2. Airbnb
  3. Yahoo
  4. Uber
  5. Meta

Popular Apps built with React JS

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Dropbox
  5. Netflix

Wrapping lines:

React js app development is a prominent trend in 2022 and will continue to rise in 2023.  React js library is constantly upgrading and increasing.  Its distinguishing qualities and functional programming concept make it superior to other Java Script libraries. 

If you want to include React JS in your project, hire the best React JS development company that meets your specific requirements. Tecorb Technology can be your one-stop destination. We are a leading mobile app and web development company in the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Singapore, and Canada. Our React JS developers are technically skilled and always strive to deliver results beyond clients' expectations. 

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