Working Process of OTT Model Like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Disney Hotstar

Main Points which come up to understanding the working process of OTT model like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Disney Hotstar :

Content delivery Fast with  delivery in Low network with Content quality & quantity too.

Low bandwidth model:

Sending Streaming Video and Audio content based on users bandwidth / network speed, with different CDN urls and there Definitions sizes.

Ratings and Reviews

In OTT apps, the users are provided with a choice to rate and review the content that they just saw. This makes them more engaged with the application as they get a chance to share their experience with other users.

Multilingual Content

For you to target a more extensive audience and grow your business beyond the borders of your country, it is important that your app supports multiple-languages and provide content in various local languages for users to stream.

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The next essential feature of the OTT video application would be the Watchlist integration in-app. This is where the users would add things that they wish to stream later.

Customer Onboarding

Application onboarding which includes user registration, verification, and profile creation.

When it comes to easy app onboarding, limiting the necessary details in the registration form isn’t sufficient. You should let users register through social media as well. This will improve your app’s overall experience by letting users sign-in with just a single tap.

Search Feature

On building an OTT video app, there is no doubt that it will be having thousands of video content for users to stream in the future. Therefore, to let your users find easily what they are looking for – a search feature is a must-have.

Search like: By tags, categories, text, Filters, IMDb rating, based on Artists, Directors, etc

Payment Gateway Integration

For Web Payments we can add based on Pay by Video or Subscription model with tokenization over

Android and iOS both have their own mobile payment frameworks that permit making purchases in the App Store and Google Play easy just with a single tap.

However, you must keep in mind that these companies charge around 20-30% of all purchases in-app.


In OTT apps, the users get a pop-up message when their membership gets over or when they decide to cancel the membership or update the same. This feature is also used to notify users about new content in-app.

Social Feature

Adding a button for sharing the content to social media platforms not just increases the chances of new users coming back to back to your app.


This feature allows users to get engaged with non-local content and drives engagement to your app.

Download Content:

Users can pay and download content on there devices to view later, while travelling or with no internet.

Manage Streaming :

How fast we can delivery content that will help our app to grow, with more users staying and paying and watching. So, where how CDN works is needed.


Having an admin panel is crucial with any app as it will let you manage everything seamlessly. Also, while having everything in place, you will be able to analyze how users are behaving in your app to improve their experiences.

While the above-mentioned features are of a minimum viable product only. You can also add some advanced features in your app to enrich the experience of your app users. But, we suggest you create an MVP first and then continuously add more features to it to provide a better app experience.

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